Old houses in Hoi An

Many old houses in Hoi An should be known to researchers and visitors.  These houses were featured strikingly by the length, lying close together in the wide and airy lanes.

To learn about Hoi An, it is necessary to enter the private home where the old ways of living still remain, especially houses on Tran Phu street, Nguyen Thai Hoc. We would have some concepts  ty of architectures and specially diversified interior  decoration.

Quan Thang old house

quan-thang-oldhouse-e1311058080847 Old houses in Hoi An

Quan Thang (77 Tran Phu) house with artfully  sophisticated interior decor giving the feeling of  contemplating the noble and luxurious past of the  wealthy owners.

Tan Ky old house

tanky-oldhouse-e1311058123877 Old houses in Hoi An

Tan Ky (101 Nguyen Thai Hoc), spacious, remaining the complete architectural design and  interior decorations after174l.

Phung Hung old house

phunghung-oldhouse-e1311059092198 Old houses in Hoi An

Phung Hung (04 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai), old  house,part|yJapanese influenced.

Diep Dong Nguyen old house

diep-dong-nguyen-old-house-e1311059179158 Old houses in Hoi An

Diep Dong Nguyen (80 Nguyen Thai Hoc) two storey house of Gia Ung community. Not very old, the house holds the largest number of antiques in HoiAn. Displayed in the house are high-class wooden furniture stuffs, all types of paintings, statues, books, stone stuff, jades, bowls and plates of Chinese and Vietnamese generations.
The soul of the ancient town Hoi An is notedly reflected in this house.

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