Bai choi-popular genre of folk impromptu art

Bai choi is a popular genre of folk impromptu art in central Vietnam. No one knows exactly when bai choi appeared. It is said this game was played around 400 years ago. Then bai choi lost its popularity and was almost forgotten, until the ancient town of Hoi An was accredited the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

hoi an-hat bai choi Bai choi-popular genre of folk impromptu art

Bai choi singing has become familiarwithnot only people in Hoi An City, Quang Nam province but  visitors far and wide. Every night, especially on Saturday evenings, everyone gathers on a wide yard by the Hoai River in Hoi An City to enjoy bai choi performances. This stage livens up the typically tranquil night atmosphere in the ancient city.

To restore the unique cultural value of bai choi, which is threatened to fall into oblivion, Hoi An in particular and Quang Nam in general have, in recent years, popularised this form of art to enrich the spiritual life of local people and attract visitors to explore the local culture. The bai choi eve festival carries both the bustle of the modern life and gentleness and charm of traditional culture. Mr Tran Dinh Chau, Deputy Director of Hoi An Culture and Sports Centre, said: Not only domestic tourists but internationals are also very interested in this special kind of culture.

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