New art gallery in Hoi An

A jewel in cultural life in Hoi An gallery opened at 129 Phan Chau Trinh Street in Hoi An City with fantastic exhibitions from movie director Jean-Luc Mello, film director Siu Pham and artist Khanh Ngoc.

New-art-gallery-in-Hoi-An New art gallery in Hoi AnVisitors have a chance to admire artworks of the show ‘Tao hinh va tao bong’ of Mello and Pham displayed in Geneva a decade ago.

Visitors will see Pham’s talents in bright color tones and synthetic materials and techniques. Meanwhile, Mello brings to the show colorful artworks, depicting his perceptions about Eastern culture on many types of papers.

Ngoc is striking with bright and vivid colors. The harmony of the artists presents different perceptions from varied cultures and generations.

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