Bridge Pagoda in Hoi An in the 20,000 VND paper

20000K-254x300 Bridge Pagoda in Hoi An in the 20,000 VND paperThe international cultural heritage of Hoi An with the symbol of Bridge Pagoda is already famous internationally and domestically. The Hoi An old bridge was built in the unknown time. However, in the ancient documents, the name of that bridge was found by oversea Japanese in 1617, which means the bridge was maybe built longer ago.

Legendarily, there was a monster outside in the sea, which is called Mamazu by the Japanese. Its head was in Japan, and its tail was in India. The thing is its back was lying across Hoi An, which placed bridge pagoda. Each of everytime that monster moved, the Japan suffered from Earthquake and Hoi An was not well. In order to control it, Japanese worshiped the Monkey and Dog God in the both ends of the bridge to exorcize the monster. People of Minh Huong made a pagoda right next to the bridge to worship Bac De Chan Vo, with the purpose of prevent earthquake too.

Therefore, the Bridge pagoda was considered a sword stabbing in the back of the monster Mamazu, so it cannot whisk its tails anymore to make the earthquake. In 1653, people make the part of pagoda that connects to the North banister of the bridge and jutted out in the middle of the bridge. Since then, the bridge was called Bridge Pagoda.

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