Temples in Hoi An

Everywhere in Viet land as suggested by the name, in every village, there are temples to worship Royal God (representing the Emperor to show the sacred power of the Emperor) and the village founders, (Who came to cultivate and develop the area) and other gods of waters, the masters of traders. It was named as temple, but in  fact it was the communal meeting place.

Cam Kim temple

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Camkim temple is in Kim Bong, Cam Kim Commune (formerly under Phu Chiem, Dien Ban).
Together with Phu Chiem, Kim Bong was the birthplace of carpentry and masonry. All over the country, thousands of masons, and carpenters, or in general the building professions have been directly or indirectly influenced by this area. The workers from area have been used to repair or to build boats, ships for local uses or some  provinces, and especially to fix some worship places in Hoi An. People of different generations earned their living in remote areas, who left their families, and villages abandoned and lonely.

Cam Pho temple

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Cam Pho (52 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai) is  the real area of high—cIass cutural value, which brings Hoi An, Quang Nam and the country as a whole into the glorious recognition. Thanks to  Cam Pho, Hoi An has been reduced in  practicalities of the commercialized and civilized  trade.

All of above temples are valuable  historic temples of high arts value. To have a better undestanding of history, culture of  HoiAn, we need to combine temples and tombs.Temples and tombs spread over from Cam Hoa through Cam island to Hoi An. Above all are the  Van Thanh Temple worshipping Confucious and other outstanding figures of Confucianism, who were highly admired by the feudal regime ethics, and education. Confuciuos was Master of Masters, Master of all people, from Emperor to the  people of all walks.

Ong Tomb and others temples

Ong Tomb and others temples (Hamlet 2, Cam Nam)are famous as a complex of historic religioussites close together, showing that culture existed in the spiritual life of the old society.

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