Hoi An best sights

Old houses in Hoi An Hoi An best sights

Old houses in Hoi An

Many old houses in Hoi An should be known to researchers and visitors.  These houses were featured strikingly by the length, lying close together in the wide and airy lanes. To learn about Hoi An, it is necessary to enter the private home where

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Chinese Assembly Hall Hoi An best sights

Chinese Assembly Hall

On the right side of the Fuckjian pagoda and in the center of the township was an important establishment built by the Chinese in 1741 to  worship the Thien Hau (Heavenly Empress), under the name of Tang Assemply Hall.The Assembly Hall was

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Ong Pagoda Hoi An best sights

Ong Pagoda

Ong Pagoda dedicated to the worship of Quan Kong, is situated in front of Hoi An market. lt is a very; old site, called Quan temple. The pagoda was built roughly in the middle of XVII, when the Ming Dynasty was defeated by the

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Phuc Kien pagoda (Phuc Kien assembly hall) Hoi An best sights

Phuc Kien pagoda (Phuc Kien assembly hall)

Fukjianese were Chinese traders who first came to Hoi An in great number, at least in the XVII century. That was the reason why all above mentioned gods were worshipped in this pagoda after the collapse of the old pagoda. This is the most well-known

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Bridge Pagoda Hoi An best sights

Bridge Pagoda

The thing that brought the fame to   Hoi An was the Bridge Pagoda built by the Japanese. The Japanese built it themselves or they hired the Chinese to build it? It is the question of history. We only know that this pagoda is located on the

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