Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Who are the richest Russians is not bound by marriage - in the Forbes Gallery

April 20, 2017 the Russian Forbes published its annual 14-th in a row, the rating of Russia's richest businessmen.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

The leader of the list, Leonid Michelson F 1, as the vast majority of its participants - married. But among the 200 billionaires we have found more than 20 singles. In our spiske- all participants rating, who are not officially married - as those who have never been married, and those who have been married more than once, but at the moment free.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Mikhail Fridman

Place in rating: 7Costoyanie: $ 14, 4 billion

Age: 52 year

Mikhail Fridman F 7 - LetterOne Holdings Chairman of the Board and the Supervisory Board of "Alfa Group". Businessman divorced and has four children.

In May 2016 Friedman reported that joined the "The Giving Pledge" (Giving Pledge) - the initiative launched by long-time leader of the global Forbes list, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates: the participants undertake to transfer to charity, more than half of his fortune.

"The worst thing I could do for their children - is to give them a large sum of money," - said an entrepreneur in an interview with Forbes.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Mikhail Prokhorov

Place in rating: 12Costoyanie: $ 8, 9 billion

Age: 51 year

Mikhail Prokhorov F 13 - the owner of the group "Onexim" shareholder UC Rusal (17%) and owner of the NBA Brooklyn Nets. Not married.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Dmitry Rybolovlev

Place in rating: 15Costoyanie: $ 4, 5 billion

Age: 45 years

Dmitry Rybolovlev F 15 - President of the football club "Monaco". He was married to Elena Rybolovleva. Their divorce proceedings lasted seven years, as a result of the ex-wife of businessman got two houses in Switzerland and $ 600 million. They have two daughters (the eldest two years as married).

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Peter Aven

Place in rating: 24Costoyanie: $ 4, 6 billion

Age: 62 year

Aven - Chairman of "Alfa-Bank" Bank Group Board of Directors. Widower - his wife Elena died August 25, 2015. A businessman has two children: twins Daria and Denis, they both study at Yale University (USA).

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Sergei Popov

Place in rating: 27Costoyanie: $ 4, 5 billion

Age: 45 years

Sergey Popov 27 F - founding partner of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Not married, two children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Dmitry Mason

Place in rating: 29Costoyanie: $ 3, 6 billion

Age: 48 years

Dmitry Mason F 29 - Chairman of the Board of Directors of DME, the owner of the airport "Domodedovo". Officially not married and has five children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Alexander Svetakov

Place in rating: 33Costoyanie: $ 3, 3 billion

Age: 49 years

Alexander Svetakov F 33 - Chairman of the "Absolute" Investment Group Board of Directors. Ex-wife - Julia Svetakova - at divorce has received $ 40 million of compensation. They have two children together.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Arkady Rotenberg

Place in rating: 39Costoyanie: $ 2, 6 billion

Age: 65 years

Arkady Rotenberg F 39 - the owner of "Stroygazmontazh" CEO of the sports club "Yawara-Neva". With his wife - Natalia Rothenberg - divorced in 2013. In 2015, she initiated a lawsuit in London in order to get compensation from the billionaire. As a result, the dispute was resolved by amicable agreement. Billionaire five children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Alexander Mamut

Place in rating: 40Costoyanie: $ 2, 5 billion

Age: 57 years

Mamut F 40 - CEO of Rambler & Co. The billionaire was married twice, has from this marriage five children, two of whom are adopted. His first wife was his classmate Maria Gnevisheva second - Hope Lyamina, the former wife of the grandson of Leonid Brezhnev.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Danil Khachaturov

Place in rating: 48Costoyanie: $ 2 billion

Age: 45 years

Danil Khachaturov F 48 - President of the group of companies "Rosgosstrakh". Businessman has been married twice and has two children. The second was the chosen one billionaire designer Ulyana Sergeenko, in 2015 they divorced.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Sergey Gordeev

Place in rating: 57Costoyanie: $ 1, 5 billion

Age: 44 year

Sergey Gordeev F 57 - President of the "PIC", he also owns a 29, 9% of the company. Businessman unmarried children

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Vasily Anisimov

Place in rating: 60Costoyanie: $ 1, 4 billion

Age: 65 years

Vasily Anisimov F 60 - owner of Coalco International. Divorced, has four children.

One of the daughters of billionaire, Anna Anisimova, starred in several Hollywood films featuring Kevin Spacey, Monica Bellucci and Vanessa Redgrave. Grandson Alexander Nalimov student MGIMO works Coalco

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Oleg Boyko

Place in rating: 75Costoyanie: $ 1, 2 billion

Age: 52 year

Oleg Boiko - Chairman Finstar Financial Group Holding Board of Directors. Divorced, his heirs do not know anything.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Pavel Durov

Place in rating: 100Costoyanie: $ 950 million

Age: 32 year

Pavel Durov - Telegram founder and former co-owner of "VKontakte". Not married, two children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Cyril Minovalov

Place in rating: 132Costoyanie: $ 800 million

Age: 45 years

Kirill Minovalov F 132- president "Avangard" Bank. Not married, two children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Nikolay Maksimov

Place in rating: 138Costoyanie: 750 million

Age: 59 years

Nikolai Maksimov F 138c - a private investor, in 2007 sold a controlling stake in the metallurgical "Maxi-Group" NLMK Vladimir Lisin F 3, after which the parties are mired in litigation on this transaction. Suspects held his common-law wife Oksana Ozornina, but it charges have not been filed. Maksimov officially married.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Andrei Rogachev

Place in rating: 140Costoyanie: $ 750 million

Age: 53 year

Andrei Rogachev F 140 - owner of Moscow, the North ( "Breeze"), and Koptevsky Kashirskoe markets and the founder of a chain of grocery stores, discounters "True." Divorced, two children.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Igor Antoshin

Place in rating: 141Costoyanie: $ 700 million

Age: 53 year

Igor Antoshin F 141 - a member of the Board of Directors "Fosagro" since 2006. Divorced.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Denis Bazhaev

Place in rating: 156Costoyanie: $ 600 million

Age: 21 year

Denis Bazhaev F 156 - co-owner of "Alliance Group", half of which he inherited from his father who died in a plane crash, Zia Bazhaev (the big picture). Bazhaev 21 and he is the youngest member of the Forbes ranking, he is not married, no children as well.

Unmarried participants Forbes ranking

Vladimir Melnikov

Place in rating: 164Costoyanie: $ 600 million

Age: 69 years

Vladimir Melnikov F 164- CEO "Gloria Jeans", the largest producer and seller of clothing in Russia. A widower with two children.

Andrey Andreev

Place in rating: 185Costoyanie: $ 500 million

Age: 43 year

Andrey Andreev F 185- created online dating portal, now he owns about 80% of the service. However, the businessman is not married.