The use of sugar in the home

The use of sugar in the home

The new survey was collected once 15 small but incredibly useful tricks, each of which is definitely useful in every home. In order to implement each of them will need to use sugar. Nothing complicated in the proposed method is not, and let them have to spend some time.

1. Stop the bleeding

The use of sugar in the home

The use of sugar for cuts.

Sugar can be used to stop bleeding in cuts and skin lesions. Just sprinkle it on the wound and bandage Wrap. Blood quickly thickens and stops, and the cut will heal very quickly.

2. Body Scrub

The use of sugar in the home

The home body scrub based on sugar.

Sugar - an excellent remedy for skin care. Small sweet grains perfectly remove dirt, dead skin cells, tightens pores, moisturize, and even have anti-aging effects. Therefore, it makes sense to make your own homemade body scrub that will make your skin smooth and velvety. To do this, mix a few tablespoons of sugar with olive and coconut oil, add a few drops of any essential oil, mix everything into a homogeneous mush, put in a jar with a lid and use it to clean skin 1-2 times a week.

3. Bouquets of live flowers

The use of sugar in the home

To extend the life of bouquets of flowers.

Add a vase with water 3 tablespoons sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar to bouquets of flowers stay longer fresh and pleasing to the eye.

4. Ignition fire

The use of sugar in the home

The use of sugar to ignite the fire. Sprinkle the wood prepared for the fire, sugar, and only then start the ignition. Sugar repeatedly intensify fire, and the fire will flare up without any effort.

5. Removing stains

The use of sugar in the home

Sugar to remove stains.

Sugar copes with stubborn stains, as well as spots on the fresh grass. To do this, mix the sugar with a small amount of warm water, so that a thick paste. Ready mix, apply on the stain and let it sit for a few hours, after which the wash item as usual.

6. The remedy for hiccups

The use of sugar in the home

Sugar hiccups.

If hiccups tortured, put a piece of refined sugar and a teaspoon of sugar in his mouth and rassosite until completely dissolved. This trick will help to cope even with the most powerful attack of hiccups.

7. Cleaning hands

The use of sugar in the home

Cleaning hands from heavy dirt.

Clear hand machine oil, grease or any other significant pollution can help the sugar. Mix it with a little warm water to form a thick slurry, which must be applied to the hands and rub and rinse with water. This procedure will eliminate fat quickly and pollution, as well as provide deep cleansing of the skin.

8. The freshness of baking

The use of sugar in the home

Sugar to store baking and cheese.

To pies, cakes, cookies and breads are not callous and does not spoil store them in sealed containers with a few pieces of refined sugar. Also with the help of refined sugar can prevent the appearance of mold on the cheese.

9. Get rid of unpleasant odors

The use of sugar in the home

Rafinad to combat unpleasant odors in the room.

With sugar it can get rid of the corrosive smell of burning in the kitchen or fish. Simply place a piece of refined sugar in an old metal bowl and set fire to it.

10. The remedy for bites a

The use of sugar in the home

Sugar bitten by wasps.

At a sting wasp, bee or hornet, sprinkle with sugar affected skin area. He will draw the poison from the wound and prevent the appearance of edema.

11. The remedy for burns language

The use of sugar in the home

Rafinad of language burns.

Refined can be used to ease the pain of tongue or oral mucosa burns hot drink or a meal. Just put a little sugar on the affected area and the pain subsides.

12. Traps for insects

The use of sugar in the home

trap for wasps, hornets and mosquitoes.

To mosquitoes, wasps and hornets are not marred the stay in the nature, erecting them simple trap. To do this, cut from the bottle have to build some sort of a funnel and fill it with a mixture of sugar, water and yeast. Yeast release carbon dioxide, which attracts midges, flies and mosquitoes, and other insects sugar interest.

13. Starched items

The use of sugar in the home

starched things with sugar.

Starched things more dense, firm, crunchy, less rumpled and stay clean longer. However, starched things you can not only using the starch, but also with the help of sugar. To do this, you need to cook the syrup of 5-6 tablespoons of sugar per liter of water. The syrup should be cooked until until the sugar is completely dissolved in the water. Things should be lowered into the hot syrup, squeeze, straighten and dry.

14. Pasta shugaring

The use of sugar in the home

Sugar hair removal at home.

Sugar hair removal - a popular procedure that can permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation, and make the skin smooth and velvety. To conduct such a procedure can be at home. For this it is necessary to prepare a special paste 10 tablespoons sugar, 4 tablespoons of water and half a teaspoon of citric acid. All the ingredients you need to mix in a saucepan with a thick bottom and simmer on low heat, stirring with a substance that is not burnt sugar. When the paste will become caramel color, slightly darker than light beer, pot should be removed from the heat, cool it and proceed to hair removal.

15. The fertilizer indoor plants

The use of sugar in the home

Feeding sugar flowers.

To indoor plants have grown rapidly, they were strong and bloomed they must periodically feed sugar. Particularly relevant is the fertilizer is in the winter season, when the plant is an acute shortage of ultraviolet. Sugar can be filled in a pot of flowers one teaspoon, then watered with clean water or syrup made from tablespoon sugar diluted in 500 milliliters of water ah.

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