"Titanic": how to create the most successful film of the XX century

• "Titanic": how to create the most successful film of the XX century

"Titanic" is considered one of the most successful films in the cinema. Nearly 20 years experience fans love story of the main characters Jack and Rose, takes place against the backdrop of the legendary shipwreck, repeatedly reviewing the film. But not everyone knows filming "Titanic" were themselves exciting adventure. In this review the most interesting facts about the making of the film, which became the highest grossing in the twentieth century.

Layout of "Titanic."

On the creation of the movie "Titanic" took more money than the construction of a real ship in the early twentieth century. Expenses for survey included 200 million dollars, while the cost of "Titanic" was estimated at 7, 5 million dollars, the equivalent of today's $ 150 million.

The role of Jack Dawson could get Matthew McConaughey.

Representatives of the film studio 20th Century Fox for the role of the main character Jack Dawson considered candidates such actors like Matthew McConaughey, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, but the director of the film James Cameron insisted on Leonardo DiCaprio. The role of the Roses could well move Gwyneth Paltrow.

The actress Gloria Stuart was the only person on the set who lived during a real wreck of "Titanic." A woman born in 1910. Gloria Stuart got the role of the aged Rose. In the film, Rose has turned 101 years old, and the most actress was only 86 years old. She has repeatedly stressed that it is dissatisfied with make-up artists, who "were aged" her even more.

The model of "Titanic," a life-size, was created for the film, there was no nose. He has appeared due to computer graphics. When the director said, how much cost effects from the missing nose of the ship, he was indignant: "I wish we built it!"

The famous picture Rose actually was made by James Cameron. The frame is shown his hand. By the way, the rest of the pictures of the protagonist folder also met the director of the film. The only caveat: Cameron - left-handed, in DiCaprio - the right-hander. During the footage had to invert the mirror mounting.

In the scene where Rose decides to jump off the ship, Jack takes her hand. The operator's hand so highlight actress that became visible hairs on the skin. The director immediately stopped shooting and sent Kate Winslet to makeup artists. As the actress recalls her hands hurriedly shaved-off machine. She felt terribly awkward.

During the filming in the water, Kate Winslet was the only one who refused to suit. As a result, the actress earned pneumonia.

To the actors looked frozen in the frame with an icy hair, sprinkle them a special powder, which is in contact with water crystallized. To the same effect on the clothes used wax.

Catching up on writing the script, James Cameron gave all actors fictitious names. Already after the film director learned that on board of the "Titanic" was a man named John. Dawson. He was buried, like other crash victims at the cemetery in Nova Scotia. His grave is at number 227 is the most visited by tourists and fans of the film.

Scene flooding the hall was taken off the ship one take. The fact that everything happens for real, and the team had to deal with the first time. After that, all the furniture and decorations were hopelessly corrupted.

In April 2012, in connection with the centenary of the legendary wreck of the ship, in theaters again a demonstration of "Titanic." The director did not change anything in the story, he only added realism. The film was released in 3D-format. Even 15 years after the premiere, people also went to the painting, to relive the story of the love of Jack and Rose on board the sinking ship.