Rules of life of James Dean

• The rules of life of James Dean

Rules of life of James Dean

The actor died in a car crash at age 24 in Cholame, California

People have told me that I behave like Brando, even before I found out who the Brando.

For years I was rehearsing Hamlet in the middle of a wheat field in Indiana.

Acting for me - the most logical way to do so that all my neuroses come out: we all need to express themselves.

I'm a guy from a small town, and my thoughts are too small: one day I retire and become a farmer.

On a motorcycle I ride with sixteen years, I went to school like this. Along the way, he frightened cows to death: they were started up their heels, their udders swung, and they lost a liter of milk.

I do not want to just be a good actor, I do not even want to be the best, I want to grow and grow - so that no one has ever been able to grow me.

To be an actor - the loneliest occupation in the world: you are left alone with his imagination.

Sometimes it seems to me that in a day is not enough hours, even just to start learning all the things that I'd like to know.

I do not care what they write about me. I talk to people that I like, and the rest can write and publish whatever they please. Only good people really are strong.

New York - is a rich and generous town, if you agree to put up with his brutality and decline.

The main plus of bachelor life that you can climb into the bed from either side.

I am very serious and sensitive little devil - so awkward and tense, I do not understand how people can be with me in the same room. I have not made myself.

Only during the races, I feel like a complete human being.

I think we all have a great need to let go. Acting - this is my way to let go

Stevens (George Stevens, director of the last film with Dean "Giant", which was released after the death of the actor -. Esquire) was terrible. I came out in full make-up at nine in the morning - and so for three consecutive days. By six in the evening I did not play a scene and had not even rehearsed; I just sat there like a statue and watched as the big burly Rock Hudson makes love with Liz Taylor.

Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.

Even if I live to be a hundred, I do not have time to do all that in mind.