"Yarit" and "Grouse": intimate lexicon of our ancestors

• "Yarit" and "black grouse": intimate lexicon of our ancestors

There were no taboos in respect of vocabulary. Our ancestors called all their names, and even displayed in this case a large fudge. In addition to well-known obscene words and their derivatives Slavs used the more allegorical expression to nominate male and female sexual organs and of copulation.

"Making love" meant the Slavs: "etsya", "pezhitsya", "black grouse". In the Moscow dialect version has "cockroaches". Producing over someone acts of sexual nature - "yarit" (the name of Jari), "dryukat," "et".

Male sex organ called in different ways: "cock" (options - "eldyk", "elda"), "end", "hell", "beats" (from the word "sp" was the concept of "fun"). Also in the old Slavic medical manual (a kind of "manuals" for practicing healers) member called "Liharev" "Firs", "mehir".

The head of the penis rusichi called "bald head" or "bun", groin - "Stegny" male testes - "Shulyat'ev" or "cores". Semen in the same Slavic medical manual was called "the flesh." Equally colorful names existed for the female genitals. External genitalia women wore long forgotten name "Luneau" (or "moon"). It can be found in the old Slavic conspiracies. Labia called "gates", and the vagina - "meat gate."

About the internal structure of simple women rusichi not really thought of. Healers and midwives were well aware that a woman bears a child in a kind of a special place, which they called "Matica", "slide", "inside" or "bottom" (womb).

And common to both sexes was the name of another part of the body, which attracted a lot of attention - a "Guznov" or "guznyshko" (the same as the buttocks). So in addition to the obscene language of our ancestors was a whole layer of a more modest, but no less colorful expressions.