Symptoms of gluten intolerance in adults

• Symptoms of gluten intolerance in adults

Nowadays gluten literally become a dirty word. Around people are talking about it and the dangers that you need to stop eating foods containing it. In fact you need to give up gluten only to those who badly it digests. And here's how to understand it.

Symptoms of gluten intolerance in adults

gluten - a protein that contain wheat, rye and barley. Gluten intolerance is called celiac disease - an autoimmune disorder in which gluten damages the small intestine. According to statistics, from it suffers 1% of people.

Lighter form - gluten sensitivity: there are symptoms, but there is no harm to the intestines. As a rule, it is diagnosed after discarding options with celiac disease. So if you are experiencing the symptoms described below - see if you can continue to eat gluten.

1. Do you feel pain or cramping after the pasta

Or bread or cakes. Pain in the stomach after food with gluten - the most common symptom neperevarivaniya this protein. However, it is difficult to understand, because of what it was a stomach ache. This will help to figure out a detailed food diary.

2. You puchit

This happens most often due to overeating legumes or hormonal disorders. Again help here blog - and attention to what you eat.

3. The skin became dry and scaly

This is a rare symptom, it must be read in conjunction with the other.

4. You lose weight without effort

This is - a dream ... unless there is due to the fact that the intestines are damaged and can not properly digest food. In the case of sensitivity to gluten you just start to eat less, less sick to the stomach, and so grow thin.

5. You're not concentrating

Sensitivity to gluten can be neurological and reduce the ability to process information and to focus on the problem.

6. You do not have the mood

Or it changes frequently, there are signs of depression. It can also affect gluten.

7. Memory deteriorates

It complained many patients who found a gluten intolerance.