What is left behind Mavrodi

• What is left behind Mavrodi

What is left behind Mavrodi

on March 26 in a Moscow hospital from a heart attack died Sergei Mavrodi - the legendary founder of the financial pyramid "MMM", from which in the mid-90s suffered thousands of defrauded investors across the country. While the adventurer was "a horse": fabulous profits allowed him to live in grand style. Did he leave anything behind?

In the debt as in silks

In another world founder of the most promoted the pyramid in the history of Russia actually gone to the poor. According to the bailiffs (UFSPP) of the Federal Service for Moscow, Mavrodi has left extremely dubious legacy - debts totaling more than a billion rubles. Some of the money he was able to pay, but most of the debt remained outstanding at the time of death.

Bailiffs do not exclude that the remaining amount will have to recover from the deceased heirs. If there are any. However, the relationship with the family creator "MMM" recent years evolved very bad. After the death of the brother of "grand strategist" refused to bury him. The legal side of the matter has taken the ex-wife, and paid for all the participants of the second pyramid Mavrodi - "MMM-2011".

Where's the money?

Where did the billions of Mavrodi? Indeed, in the 90s, he could nothing does not deny: he lived in a nice apartment, drove on expensive cars, and his wife currently selected on the beauty contests.

According to him, all the money seized security services after his arrest in 2003. Allegedly took out cash for 17 dump trucks. The Investigative Committee also said that the founder of "MMM" is certainly not pulled on an oligarch: no palaces, planes, doroguschy cars and bags with money. All that then has the "grand strategist" - a house on Lake Seliger and snowmobile "Buran". In 2007 Chertanovskaya Mavrodi was sentenced to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment. In addition, the businessman had to satisfy the claims of depositors affected "MMM" - about 110 thousand people.

Pay these funds schemer, as he claimed, he could not. In 2012, the only official to be his income has been advising the entrepreneur Pavel Molchanov. Remuneration for this Mavrodi received extremely modest: 15 thousand rubles per month. Moreover, half of the amount went to the bailiffs.

Uncertain fate of the metropolitan apartment Mavrodi, which is supposedly located at Komsomolskiy Prospect, 41. In June 2008, the media slipped the information that the founder of the apartment "MMM" will go under the hammer, and the money to pay the deceived investors.

Others argued that in their own homes Mavrodi was not. And all that bailiffs confiscated in favor of the defrauded investors - TV "Ruby", but copies of his book of 1500 copies.

But Mavrodi admitted that from 1997 to 2003 (time spent in the search) bezvylazno he sat in an apartment on Frunze Embankment in Moscow, and even contained the personal protection of the two dozen people. Which means paid for "banquet" is unknown.

"Spiritual" heritage

However, there are those who argue that the legacy Mavrodi - primarily intellectual rather than material. It is believed that it was he who taught financial literacy of Russians, or, at least, took a step in this direction. After all the activities of the pyramid "grand strategist" and devotion to its depositors forced the government to come to grips issue raising the level of financial literacy of the population. In the opinion of those who knew Mavrodi people wheeler-dealer had a lively, creative mind and excellent analytical skills that allow him to make very accurate estimates and projections.

So, Mavrodi supposedly claimed that all banks in one way or another repeated pattern MMM only operate in a more respectable shell that stock exchanges - the tools of the international financial pyramid, in no way connected with the real economy. In addition, friends say the creator of "MMM", he predicted the spread cryptocurrency and transition to them as the primary means of payment in the future.

And sitting in jail Mavrodi supposedly prove some mathematical formula, which fought over almost two thousand years. Well written several books - "Prison Diaries", "The Truth About" MMM "and" Temptation ".