"Bunny, maybe it's time to change something?" Or more reasons why sex may be ruined!

Sex - it's like ballet, if you do not know what it is, it is better not go, because it is likely that you can be dishonored. It plays a very important role for the majority of us have a sexual relationship, and that is why it is important that not only you but also your partner has been satisfied. Many men are forgotten when it comes to bedding merrymaking, both in principle and women.

In most cases, many are no longer just be tempted to its partners, and the type of substitute full-fledged sex view porn movies and self-gratification. This is not right, gentlemen. It is clear that self-gratification - it is the shortest way in an attempt to achieve pleasure, but normal sex has not been canceled, and that is why it is worth considering whether can reciprocate your iron fist to replace full-fledged lovemaking with a live person, not a hand. In today's article we would like to touch on a very important topic that relates to what infuriates some girls and boys during sex.

"Well, it's time terebonkatsya?"

Sex can be different - rough, tough, tender, passionate, everyday, normal, and so on. It is important to understand that, whatever it was, it should not be bland. Many women are enraged by the fact that "giving" they must first cry of his men. It is very disgusting and humiliating. Dear men, if you want to come crawling to you on your first request, it is necessary to remove the prostitute, because, in the end, it's her profession, and then she has nowhere to go. No one will be fun when you are actually forced to have sex. Remember this.

Of course, this does not refer to a certain kind of role-playing games. As they say, there can be everything. So let's think about this question. If you want your submission on the part of the second half, it is necessary to advance to discuss it with her. If you do not, and will require, great option that you can run up / divorce soon. Remember! Sex, who would not say that is one of the most important aspects in the life of the couple. Respect the wishes of your partner and do not forget that next to you is not only an object for sexual gratification, and the same people, just like you.

"Hairy me to face"

So now Kinema stone in the garden of girls (and boys, which is already there). Of course, not all men are so categorical about the fact that the bikini zone must "shine", but most males want to see the girl is clearly not as hairy as Mary Magdalene in the medieval paintings (Google to help). Keep track of your body you need to be sure. Believe me, the sex will be completely ruined if you do not adhere to the basic rules of hygiene of the body. The same applies to other areas of the body. So, we ended up with the girls, and now go to the men.

Dear guys, prehistoric age long gone, but sometimes gets the impression that some have remained there, or rather, even so, some woke up after hibernation and multimillion showed all their great thickets in all its glory. Yes, in this respect, too, everything is purely individual, but, despite this, do not forget at least that many girls, seeing all this beauty, will want instead of sex you just cut. It is necessary to you? Take care of yourself, because you can get into a mess.

"Sirens Scream"

Ladies, shout during sex, it is not necessary. According to the results of social network users survey Reddit, many men are opposed to in bed girl poses as a porn star. Many men have unanimously voted for the fact that it prevents them from simply tune in the desired fashion. Sexual caresses and moans next - are fine, but if you're yelling as if you have inside drill, then your partner can just turn around and leave.

And yes, it does not matter whether his "buddy" for twelve hours or not. After the screams he can sharply offended and fall at six o'clock. If you do not want, then take care not to frighten the "friend" your lover / husband, and himself.

"No exotic! Only the gold standard "

We are all adults and we know that in addition to the standard sex postures there are plenty of others. Naturally, you do not need no training "to sit in the lotus position", but the experiment was not forbidden. That monotony in bed infuriates both men and women. On the one hand, it is good that this issue is being discussed, but here's the catch, discussion of some anonymous and clearly with your partner, and the Internet voting method. Well, even so, what could be there.

Experiments in bed just have to light a fire between a man and a woman. There is no shame if you people that you trust. If a woman wants to obey her, make her such a gift. If a man asks, for example, more than oral sex, give it to him. Everything has to be mutual. Sex - is to some extent barter. You give your partner what he wanted, and in return he repay you in kind.