Compliments, which are necessary for men

Compliments, which are necessary for men

Men respond to praise and appreciation as well as women, and can be further and more. Generally, women get the lion's share of verbal praise when it comes to appearance and what feelings they cause in men. At the same time, men are much less likely to indulge pleasant words.

If you want to win his heart, you need to praise of men more often. Here are 6 types of compliments that secretly wanted to hear every man, and from which he never gets tired.

1. Compliments, which show that you believe in

in it

Compliments, which are necessary for men

One of the things that makes a man melt, is the support and faith in the beloved.

When a woman says all options, "I believe in you," the man begins to feel supregeroem that can achieve anything.

"I believe in you"

"I like your sense of purpose"

"What would you not thought of, I know you can do it. You always did it."

"Of course, people want to work with you / to you! People trust you and your abilities. You are great in their field."

"Of course you get a raise / new job. You're talented, hardworking, and everybody knows it. I'm so proud of you."

"You have achieved so much in life. I am sure that you will be able to continue and do a lot more. You are able to extract the maximum out of every situation possible."

2. Compliments on appearance and body

Compliments, which are necessary for men

While men are not so much been criticized for some of the body deficiencies, as is the case with women, many men still do not believe in some aspects of its appearance. In addition, any person, regardless of sex, it's nice to know that his partner considers it aesthetically appealing.

This may be his arms, shoulders, eyes, hips or intimate parts that deserve a compliment, men are not so picky. Here, a few compliments that touched his heart.

"You look very attractive."

"Wow, you're not kidding when he said what do you do in the gym. The eye does not take!"

"You look very brave today. I like it."

"You look very attractive in this suit / tie / dress."

"I love it when you hold me in his strong arms."

"You're very beautiful when you laugh."

"You're beautiful when you cry."

"You always look so attractive, even if just woke up and your hair is a mess."

3. Compliments, recognizing his efforts to

Compliments, which are necessary for men

Everyone likes when their efforts to recognize the relationship. Show him you appreciate what he does for you, even the little things. Observe and accept everything. The more you aloud value something, the more you get. And even if you do not get, you will make him feel loved.

Whether he takes out the garbage, changing light bulbs or wash the dishes - it is important that you notice his actions.

"You are so kind to me".

"Thank you very much for being prepared my breakfast, my favorite. I really appreciate it. And it's delicious!"

"You probably can repair anything." "I like the way you're gentle with me."

"Thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate what you have given me to speak."

"I noticed that you did (that) for me. Thank you for your concern. I really appreciate it."

"I like to watch you play with the kids today. Your durachlivost so sexy. I like that you can sometimes hang out and have fun."

4. The compliments that show that you respect him

Compliments, which are necessary for men

Several studies have shown that men feel respect is more important than love. Although there are individual differences, it is important to note that men want to feel that they are respected in the relationship.

"You are a good person".

"I'm proud of you".

"I respect you."

"You're getting better every time I see you."

"You took a lot of courage to admit that you were wrong / to apologize / serious talk with that person. I admire what you did."

"I like your generosity towards relatives. We need a large force to gain authority, and no one could do it better than you."

"I like what you are attentive / caring with my friends / parents / staff. I really appreciate it."

5. Compliments, which show that you trust him and his ability to lead.

Compliments, which are necessary for men

Most of the men in my heart want to see their leaders in life and in relationships. Let him know that you see it so, and that you trust him, saying the following phrases. "I trust you".

"I'm on your side."

"Are you bad advice never gave."

"I would have followed you anywhere."

"You always give the best advice. You're so clever."

6. compliment that shows that it affects you

All men know that feeling, when there are so attractive woman passes, they become weak knees. Heady attraction, which we feel can be very strong. Let him know that you feel something like that with him.

"I can not help but blush next to you."

"You always know how to make me smile."

"You call me a very deep feelings."

"I feel I can achieve so much in my life, because I have you as an insurance policy. I always feel your support, and it means a lot to me."

"Your eyes are fascinating. I can get lost forever in them."

"I've never felt so safe and comfortable around other people. I like to be with you."

"I'm still no one is excited. I have so often weaken the knees."

"You are the wittiest man of all that I knew."