Incredible Russian bodibildersha Nataliya Kuznetsova

• Incredible Russian bodibildersha Nataliya Kuznetsova

Russian athlete Natalia Kuznetsova - a professional powerlifter, record holder in the bench press bar laying, world-class athlete and record holder for the deadlift, bodibildersha professional and master of sports of international class in armliftingu.

She is stunning incredible physical shape. With the growth of 168 centimeters, she weighs about 90 kilograms, the amount of her hands - 47 cm, hips - 72 cm, waist - 76 cm. Natalia began practicing sport at age 14 with a weight of only 40 kilograms.

Incredible Russian bodibildersha Nataliya Kuznetsova

Natalia was born in Chita, there went to school and began bodybuilding as a teenager. Despite the slender figure, she quickly began to gain weight and grow into muscles.

Incredible Russian bodibildersha Nataliya Kuznetsova

2005 - Natalia 16 years.

Already at the age of 16 she became the absolute champion of the Trans-Baikal Territory on bodybuilding. In 2009 he moved with his family to Moscow. She leads instagram, where it has nearly 200 thousand subscribers.

Maximum bench Natalia - 165 kg, deadlift - 240 kg. And this is without equipment - according to the athletes, she had never been used.

Natalia is training for a few hours every day and keep to a diet, it's not too strict. Only 5-6 meals, mainly chicken, fish, beef, rice, pasta from durum wheat, a lot of vegetables. From sports nutrition - protein and various additives. By the way, Natalia - one of the few athletes who does not hide the use of anabolic steroids - but in small doses and only before competition.

Bodibildersha married Vlad Kuznetsov, who in the past, too, wrestled and holds the title of Master of Sports. The couple trained together and go to the competition.

Woman in social networks are often criticized for being so unfeminine figure, but Natalia is not upset and ignores the attacks:

"Simply alien go unnoticed than a girl weighing 90 kg with height 168 cm in a relatively decent quality. Me everywhere and always pay attention to, regardless of the season. So I try to be always in shape. Yes, people turn around. Summer come to me with a request to be photographed dozens of times per day. I got used to it long ago. Hide my physique I do not come to mind. Bodybuilder can not be unnoticed. In our country, once it so happened that have excess weight - it is normal and less shameful than the developed musculature. "