Truth and myths about diets

Many people who want to lose weight, are faced with the fact that this does not happen, even though they adhere to diet and exercise. One reason for this - not always something that looks useful, is not. Food and beverages often contain hidden fats, sugar, salt, and all that hinders the body to decrease. Here are some common errors.

Truth and myths about diets

Myth number 1: all salads are useful

Vegetables - definitely. But salads do not consist of some vegetables. For example, the "Caesar" looks very useful but it has a hidden calories cheese (6 grams of fat, 86 calories), sauce (20 g fat, 184 kcal). Even crackers, croutons are usually fried, which does not add benefit. So this gives you a salad once 70% of daily fat! "Olivier" with "mimosa", of course, are not far behind. So look closely at what you eat, avoid fatty sauces and additives like bacon.

Myth number 2: I do not eat fast food only useful snacks

The latter refers to bars: cereals and protein. On the one hand, they are useful, on the other - enough calories. The muesli bars contained grains, nuts and seeds, which are connected via a sugar syrup. In one bar with yogurt, fruits and nuts can be up to 4 spoons of sugar! So you'd better have the nuts themselves - so you do not get the extra calories.

Myth number 3: natural flavors better than sugar

In recent years, there is a tendency to replace the sugar with something else. But this is something that usually does not provide additional benefits of any nutrients, nor in fewer calories. Honey or agave syrup for the body is not much different from the added sugar! Therefore, if possible better to replace sugar fruits. If you add a lot of sugar in baked goods or drinks, reduces consumption by half tablespoons per week. The difference in the taste will not notice.

The Myth number 4: dishes with fruit useful default

For example, bread with bananas - is essentially no bread, and cake! Remember how much added to the butter and sugar. Fruit drinks often contain 25-30% juice and are rich in sugar. But even in hundred percent juice is lost part of the benefits that can be obtained from the whole fruit. Smoothies are also under suspicion, especially if they do not you yourself - will not be able to control the absence of syrup, ice cream, or sugar.

The Myth number 5: Non-nutritive beverages

It is obvious that in an effort to lose weight, you do not drink tea with six spoons of sugar. But have you thought about the alcohol calories? One glass of beer or sweet wine may "weigh" to 300 calories!

Myth number 6: useful products can have a lot of

Alas, the volume is also important. If the stomach is always full, the metabolism slows down. So closely monitor the hunger feeling (maybe it's thirst?) And do not overeat.