Red hair: all the details and tips

Turn into a new charismatic personality is becoming ever easier. Often this requires a change your hair color, making it bright and resolute. It is noticed that changing its image, the girl begins to feel differently, become self-confident and draws particular attention to the "gray" passers-by. For such a transformation the best way - it is dye my hair red. However, to correctly emphasize their personality, it is important to take into account some of the subtleties.

Shades of red

In beauty salons and department stores offer a huge choice of colors. Among them there is an abundance of different shades of red. The spectrum of colors is very wide. It starts with burgundy tones and ends with golden-orange overflow. Also refer to the red plum, pomegranate, copper, pink, raspberry, carrot, cherry, and other bright colors. But to choose one or the other shade need to be careful, because the paint does not just like you, but she has to blend in with your skin and eyes.

How to choose the color?

Red hair: all the details and tips

For a start it is important to accurately determine which refers tsvetotipu your skin and, on this basis, choose shades of red hair color. It is known that beauty with a warm skin tone fits the gold, so this trick is used when choosing paint. The skin will be emphasized in color favorably with gold overflow. Dark skin looks perfect with a touch of mahogany. If a girl has a light on the nature of the skin and hair, she would have to give up the copper-red flowers. She is best to look at the subtle shades, such as those that have a pink tide.

In addition, hair should be painted, taking into account the color of the eyes. Dark-eyed girls can afford any shade. Enhance the beauty of the green and light brown eyes capable copper-red hue, bright red and mahogany. Gray and blue eyes harmoniously emphasizes light red paint.

To have to watch out for red?

Red hair: all the details and tips

Unfortunately, the red hair color accentuates the beauty is not all the girls. The main exception is holders of the skin, prone to redness. But such are not the only ones who have the cheek constantly flow into the heat. It can be a girl, who have a predisposition to rashes on the face, the appearance of pimples and inflammation. Reds make this place even more red and prominent. Yet we should not forget about freckles. Red hair makes them more noticeable. In addition, if the color is properly matched to the eye, it is visually add you a few years. Also, if a woman is over 40, you need to look out for to get a catchy orange and bright red hair color, because these colors look unnatural and visually throws five years.

The subtleties of staining

Red hair: all the details and tips

Women who have already tried to turn their hair in bright curls, noticed how difficult to achieve the desired result. they usually get is not the same color, which was listed on the box, but the result is still long. It is worth considering to get the red color of hair, it is important to take into account the natural shade or source. The lighter the native hair, the easier it is to get them to the intended effect. If the hair is different from the color on the box only for a couple of colors, can be painted without prior clarification. If the original shade a little darker than the desired color, the position is corrected by staining with light paint hair (for example, they are brought to light light brown). But dark curls will have to lighten up, otherwise no paint did not even achieve a bright red color. If the girl into a dark colored hair, it is necessary to carry out a wash. Only after this procedure, you can count on the red hair color.

We support color

Red hair: all the details and tips

It is necessary to take into account that it is red colors quickly fade and become dull and faded. Longer-lasting results, it is important to always maintain the color. To do this, you need to wash your hair with shampoo for colored hair. First means is applied only at the roots and only slightly washed locks. You can also purchase a tonic that corresponds to your shade, and once a week to use it. Of course, if the shade of hair is suitable, it is possible to maintain henna, which is a natural and persistent dye, hair does not lose shine for about a month (shown henna even longer). But it is important to take into account that after the use of other chemical dye is taken ill. Also there is a bad news for those who had to lighten up, to "come from" hair dye red. On bleached hair bright color quickly washed away, so these girls have especially serious to maintain color. Stylists share with their clients of some of the subtleties. In your shampoo, you can add quite a bit of the dye, but an essential condition is that this tool does not contain ammonia. In addition, to preserve the tone and health of curls best to purchase a special mask and air conditioning.

Paint Selection

Dreaming paint curls in rich color, many note that not every hair dye red color gives the desired result. But why? Some acquire it means only due to the fact that the box was depicted exactly the color that they want. But as you know, you can draw anything. Others go on about advertising. But if this product has appeared on the poster, it does not make it automatically good. Therefore the choice of means must be based only on the experience of many women. Visit a good salon, can be consulted on how to get the red hair color and some paint to choose. The most common recommendations will fall on the professional products used by stylists. But still important to remember that the end result depends on the original color of hair and on their structure.

Some of the recommendations, dark-haired

Red hair: all the details and tips

There is no doubt, if you want to change hair color and make them red, you will be hard to dissuade him from doing so. But it is worth to know that in order to have the desired result qualitatively lighten your hair. Also, every time you need to clarify the roots, and then a red tint. Apart from the fact that it is time-consuming and financially costly, such procedures are harmful to the health of the hair. If you initially have a weak and sparse hair, it is better to abandon the idea. You can purchase the desired paint color ardent and paint them without discoloration. The result is a dark red hair color or with a beautiful healthy sheen. This shade of a dark color always looks noble.

Staining henna

Red hair: all the details and tips

Often, in order to acquire a fiery color, women resort to natural dyes. Henna gives a more orange hue, red does not get her. But the dye gave a more intense tone, it can be diluted with juice of beet, Hibiscus extract, chamomile broth or add a spoonful of turmeric. A few weeks later the procedure is repeated.