How it changed the lives of Russian Frenchman Donatien

• How to change the life of Russian Frenchman Donatien

"My life changed not Russian, and even Russia itself. It was a "Russian universe" as a whole. It completely changed me, I would say, give me a new life. I was born again in 30 years, and the changes are still ongoing, "- Donatien de Rochambeau told the publication Russia Beyond its history.

How it changed the lives of Russian Frenchman Donatien

Many French compare their appearance in the "Russian universe" with Plato, "the parable of the cave." It is about opening ourselves and about the big shock, even a kind of slap in the face. Many of those who came here for a short time, never returned. This big slap in the face can be expressed by the word "GO !!!", which is always written in capital letters and is always accompanied by three exclamation marks.

To get ahead of you standing in a traffic jam car pull, finally, from a place or to console each other, which threw the love of his life, just say it's the only word for it. "LET'S !!!" can be used to leave a tip the waiter or to accept an invitation to go to the other end of the country. We do not translate this word - we live them.

Over the past few years I had the opportunity to be a member of the jury Song Contest, to buy together with your friends Soviet watch factory, trained in weightlessness in the center of Yuri Gagarin and organize exhibitions of contemporary art. In all cases, the answer was the same: "Let's !!!"

How it changed the lives of Russian Frenchman Donatien

I do not think that such a thing could happen in Europe. Anyway, it is not as easy and fast as in Russia. Maybe it's only the Moscow trend? Invitations to exhibitions of contemporary art are sent via Facebook in just two or three days before the event. CEO of a major Russian-French company told me that everywhere in the business world is something similar, but in Russia fewer barriers. The barrier is also the fact that you are protecting and what irritates. Here in Russia, we live to the maximum, and only today. This is both good and bad. Tomorrow - a vague concept. This allows or even compels us to come quickly to himself, at the same time gaining energy and tiring. GO !!!

This allows an intense rhythm and makes us see life in a different way, sometimes the West is perceived as rudeness. But perhaps it should be understood as the gruff sincerity. Russian do not realize how much you need to smile at strangers. However, when a friend was late for an hour, do not be offended, I feel happy and honored that he's here. If you are angry, you punish himself. "My friend, finally you're here. GO !!! Let's spend a cool evening! "

How it changed the lives of Russian Frenchman Donatien

The more time I spend with the Russian, the less I understand the meaning of the word. Russia - this is not a country, it is the empire, the whole universe. I have studied the concept of "Empire" at the Sorbonne for several years, but it began to make sense only here, walking through the streets of Moscow. In Russia, there are two separate concepts: nationality and citizenship. Each person has Russian citizenship, but there are many different nationalities.. Kalmyks, Tatars, Chechens, Buryats, etc. To designate a Russian citizen and an ethnic Russian, there are even two different words. But at the same time, all these people have a common history and culture, people cry over the same film. They share a sense of belonging to a greater whole.

This profound continuity all the way from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok is not only cultural foundations, but it has a certain amount of syncretism caused by the profound influence of Orthodoxy. In Moscow a taxi can often be seen on top of the Muslim rosary Orthodox icons, and I still remember my Jewish friends a calendar in which Saturday had crossed the word "Sabbath." However, just above this calendar was exalted Orthodox triptych. "You know, Donato, we are not only the Jews, we have also Russian."

However, I must add that there is something that makes my everyday life in Russia in the infinite transformation. It's about my Russian wife Kate. That's because it's all about what I'm saying, it is a personal experience, perceived in a special emotional level.