Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Today at 12:00 (London time) at Windsor Castle will be held wedding of Prince Harry and the American actress Meghan Markle. So far the most discussed last year a couple prepares for celebration, the whole world wonders - in what outfit Megan will go to the altar. To make the wait less agonizing, let us recall the most vivid and memorable wedding gowns celebrities.

And since we are talking about the royal blood, we will start with the family.

Home Wedding 2017 - Pippa Middleton and James Matthews

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge Catherine in May last year married businessman James Matthews. Pippa kept a closely guarded secret any details about how the ceremony, and on her wedding dress. On the appointed day, the bride, accompanied by her father walked down the aisle in a long lace dress, sewn by British designer Giles Deacon.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The style of white dresses Pippa reminded cut wedding dress, which in 2011, Kate Middleton married Prince William. Singular feminine dress with stand-up collar and covered shoulders gave an incision in the shape of a heart on the back. The Cambridge Duchess arrived at the sister festival in pale pink silk toilet Alexander McQueen.

Harry and William, of course, also attended the ceremony. The media claimed Meghan Markle was among those invited to the closed part of the celebration, but photo evidence of this world never saw.

Kate Middleton dress Cult

Once we have already started with the main royal wedding last year, it would be unfair not to tell about the dress elder sister Pippa - Catherine. Years go by, and the bride from around the world eager to go down the aisle in a dress "like Kate" and buy it for $ 200 a copy. By the way, the dress of the Duchess of Cambridge at a cost of 434,000 dollars. Author of the classic dresses A-shaped silhouette with lace sleeves, stand-up collar and V-neck in front became the head of the fashion house Alexander McQueen Sarah Bernhardt. She complied with the attire of the British tradition: fishnet bodice and sleeves were adorned with flowers, symbols of the United Kingdom: daffodils, roses, leaves clover and thistles.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The British believe that the long train of the wedding dress, the happier the marriage will be. Zephyr reached a three-meter-length dresses and carried his bride's younger sister - Pippa Middleton. But this is not the length of the record - do you remember the trail wedding dress of Princess Diana, Prince William's late mother was a long eight meters.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel

Australian model, ex- "angel" Victoria Secret, and now the beauty business lady Miranda Kerr married young (younger than her 6 years) in May 2017 the billionaire founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel. The wedding ceremony was so secret that the first wedding photos appeared in the media just a few months later. Defending himself from intrusive paparazzi and guests were asked not to use mobile phones, and the back yard of the house in Brentwood, where the celebration, closed canopy of drones. Shoot the wedding invited legendary Patrick Demarchelier, and some time later, his photograph presented to the world perfect, every detail thought out story.

Miranda entrusted tailoring wedding dress new creative director of Dior Mary Grace Currie home. Bride admitted that he admired Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, and designer, creating a dress, it found inspiration in a wedding dress of Princess of Monaco.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The dress turned dazzling beautiful indoor and concise top with long sleeves and chest from the magic begins - silk lilies of the valley on a smooth satin skirt. Bouquet of the bride, of course, was also of the delicate white flowers. But that's not all - a few lilies of the valley decorated lapel son Miranda Flynn six years. At the head of a top model wore a pearl tiara Stephen Jones with a long veil.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

The wedding of the twentieth century: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of

The wedding, which took place 60 years ago in a tiny kingdom sunny Monaco, to this day remains the most cute hearts all over the world. The day was remembered by two significant events: the start of family life, the reigning Prince Rainier III and the holders of the award "Oscar" Grace Kelly and Princess newly-end career. Career was cut short, but the social life of the principality on the other hand - began to play with new colors.

Create a dress for such an important ceremony was no easy task, because thanks to the public along was to appear not Hollywood beauty Grace, a real princess. The author of the dress became Helen Rose - Costume film company Metro Goldwyn Mayer. The company presented the actress dress as a present, thus providing a brilliant advertising.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dress Grace Kelly turned incredibly beautiful, it was lush, with a closed lace top and a long train. Openwork top dress fastens in front with 30 neat round pugovok. To create a dress tailors used 18 meters of silk, silk taffeta of 23 meters and 90 meters of silk tulle, and - just think! - 270 meters of Valenciennes lace. The board comes bundled statement, because it consisted of three parts (petticoat, corset top and skirt), which he put in a certain sequence. Instead tiara with diamonds Grace Kelly wore on his head "dzhulettku" - a lace cap, decorated with garlands of orange blossom and embroidered with pearls. By headdress fastened with delicate floral patterns veil, behind which flows down to the floor, and the front reaches to the waist. In addition to flowers, to fote could consider embroidered birds, symbolizing lovers.

Dress Grace Kelly still occupies fifth place in the ranking of the most expensive wedding dresses of the world - today it is estimated at three hundred thousand dollars.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and their children

Today, the star couple of Hollywood is no longer together, but wedding photos of Angelina and Brad is still cause tears of emotion in the eyes of the public. What was the most touching at the ceremony? - Dress. Wedding dress Angelina Jolie by Atelier Versace decorated with drawings of six couples. Fashion house Luigi Massey suffered on her dress and veil funny men, flowers, lettering, and battle other creatures of children's pencils and brushes.

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress Angelina Jolie was made in vintage style, emphasizes the purity and chastity of the bride image. White silk satin dress with a fluffy skirt and drapery on the chest, back and long train veil from the waist down. Nothing more, no bouquet, no jewelry. The actress wore a small earrings and a ring. Under the hem of her dress hid laconic white satin shoes Versace. Smooth cleaned top hair and natural makeup completed the image of a young virgin.

So laconic and "clean" the bride's outfit perfectly suited to the place where the ceremony - church Chateau Miraval in an ancient castle in the South of France. Donatella Versace congratulated's client with an important step, noting "Beauty, style and intelligence. It's you, Angelina. "

Wedding Dress Kate Moss - the salvation of John Galliano

During the years of profligacy Kate Moss has earned the title of the most controversial supermodel world. The wife, she chose, of course, rocker - Jamie Hinks, on account of which also has a list of tricks.

Question - who will create the dress for Kate for a long time was left gossip. Everyone is aware of the long-standing friendship with the model John Galliano, Vivienne Westwood but made affair, saying that the development will dress the model itself. Especially because at the time of the wedding designer was, to put it mildly, in disgrace because of his anti-Semitic remarks, splashed out after a fair dose of alcohol in a Paris bar. Galliano literally banished from the fashion Olympus, and he began to drown sorrow in a bottle.

Despite all the uncertainty, Moss did not change the friendship and insisted on the creation of a wedding dress is engaged John. Kate demanded that the designer "was again John Galliano."

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

And Galliano did not disappoint - he emerged from the abyss of drunkenness and plunged into work with his head. It was to create an image that would be hidden from prying eyes model of the old vices. Designer brilliantly embodied this idea in a vintage dress in boho style.

Wedding ring Kate Moss has been created following the example of the ring Zeraldy Fitzgerald, obviously, it was determined the style of wedding dress - in the spirit of the 20s. Direct free cut with a translucent skirt dress was embroidered with gold paillettes, which have been formed in patterns on the hem. Flowing hair and discreet make-up gave the bride a natural and casual look, while the absence of rigid corset and bodice made her damn sexy. On the one hand he was holding Kate's hand new husband, and on the other - eight-year-daughter Lila Grace

Celebrity Wedding Dresses

As Coco Chanel said, "a woman dressed in a bright, hard to put in a bad mood." Maybe that's why we often choose light colors for wedding dress? On this philosophical note will continue to wonder - what dress to choose Meghan Markle and whether it will be like a wedding dress senior representatives of the royal family.

Author: Olga Valyavskaya