Food that will make a perfect skin

Food that will make a perfect skin

Tired of expensive, but totally useless skin care? Perhaps, the skin does not need the external and the internal maintenance. One has only to add products on this list in your daily diet, and the result will not take long.

A red bell pepper

Food that will make a perfect skin

It is possible to enjoy the taste of both raw and ready-made. One pepper contains daily rate of consumption of vitamin C, as well as a significant amount of dietary fiber and vitamin B6.

The substances included in the pepper, fight against wrinkles and increase blood flow to the skin, helping it look younger. Well, and, of course, pepper - an indispensable fighter with acne.

Keep the slices of peppers in the refrigerator, that at any moment it was possible to use them as a snack. Crisp low-calorie treat not only satiate a long time, but also give perfect skin!

Dark chocolate

Food that will make a perfect skin

antioxidants, fatty acids and favanol help protect your skin from the sun and give it a healthy appearance.

Do not forget to make sure you take a chocolate, in which at least 80% cocoa. As it should be milk and sugar, both in normal breast chocolates.


Food that will make a perfect skin

This fish is not only fighting against wrinkles and acne, but also with depression. It contains an almost daily dose requirement of vitamin D, which is responsible for the health of the heart, bones, colon and brain. Also salmon rich in omega-3, which promote wetting the inside of the skin.

Coconut oil

Food that will make a perfect skin

fatty acids and vitamin E keeps the skin moisturized, soft and wrinkle-free. Coconut oil is useful for thyroid and promotes weight loss. It is enough to use one teaspoon per day.

Green Tea

Food that will make a perfect skin

Yes, it is a drink, but he made some of the leaves of the plant!

The green tea contains a unique amino acid L-theanine, which relaxes the body and reduces stress.

Antioxidants that make up green tea fight against cancer and inflammation, as well as reduce the risk of hypertension.


Food that will make a perfect skin

You may hate spinach, but it contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, including beautiful skin. Simply add the spinach in your daily diet and enjoy.


Food that will make a perfect skin

Shea, sunflower, pumpkin, hemp and flax - all of them are useful for the skin. Vitamins, minerals, omega-3, what else is needed for the skin of happiness?

They can be added to salads, yogurts, smoothies, and in everything else that allows imagination and taste preferences.


Food that will make a perfect skin

Many people underestimate the benefits of celery. And in vain! Vitamin K is that it contains in large quantities, reduces blood pressure and stress. And he, you know, why not just leads, and skin problems, and headaches, and even cancer. Sodium, potassium and water, which also contains celery, restore the water balance of the skin that protects it from dryness and wrinkles.

Eat celery every day or at least every other day. And do not worry about the calories - they are here quite a bit.


Food that will make a perfect skin

are low in calories and no cholesterol. You still are not interested? Then what about the wealth of vitamins and minerals? That's better! Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene successfully cope with inflammation and acne. A more vitamin C and protects the skin from sun damage.


Food that will make a perfect skin

It is useful not only for the eyes but also for the skin. Carrots prevents clogging of pores, saving of acne and black dots Another reason for the use of carrots as a snack is that it prevents the development of skin cancer cells.

Not necessarily use all these products every day, even a few of them would've been great. Also try to avoid junk food, and your skin will thank you!