"With the hammer," or the most unusual ads on online auctions

Today on the Internet there are many kinds of sites, auctions, where you can buy almost everything your heart desires, would be money. However, sometimes, Shasta on this page, you can stumble upon announcement at the sight of which there is an overwhelming desire to see the man, who it sells, and even more - to look at the person who will buy it. Today we have prepared for you a selection of the most unusual ads on online auction sites, so that you, dear readers, finally find out what really is worth spending their money.

A piece of Mars (not the bar)

And, actually, why not? It is better to decorate your mantel in the living room than an alien cobblestones for 450 thousand dollars? Ads with a proposal to buy a piece of the planet Mars is almost half a million green notes appeared on eBay in 2003. And although none of the users have not decided to raise the benchmark rate of 450 000 in. e., in the end, someone still has got alien stone for that amount. Although the first thing that arises in my mind is what kind of l ..., sorry, very trusting person, laid out a fortune for a piece of rubble, the buyer in this case is still lucky. Studies have shown an unusual lot that sold the stone really is a rare cosmic meteorite in its composition corresponding Martian rock.

The sandwich with the Virgin Mary

No, actually, he was a sandwich with cheese, but the seller, set this miracle on eBay, claimed that the tread face of the Virgin Mary on his grilled sandwich, which can be viewed only as a miracle of the Lord. Something from biblical times more obmelchali miracles, no? In any case, we are not going to make jokes about mirotochaschy bust Poklonsky and just say that buterbrodik with the face of the Virgin flew almost 30 thousand dollars.

your ad could be here

And here we have a startup. If you really want easy money, but did not know how to earn them, and to shoot in a porno soul somehow does not lie, just look at the young man by the name of Andrew Fisher, and you'll see that the answer is written in front of your forehead. In 2003, the young man put on the internet auction ad with an unusual offer to buy his face as an advertising platform. Yes, you heard right, Andrew promised tattoo on his forehead advertising any company that agrees to pay him generously for services a walking billboard. Ultimately, forehead Fisher departed the company "Snorestop" to 40 thousand US dollars. True, the board apparently was not sufficiently worthy, because the tattoo with the logo and slogan of the drug from the common cold was only temporary.

The prison toilet

It is difficult to understand the profound logic of this mysterious phenomenon, but, as experience shows, the prison toilets on eBay trying to sell quite often. However, make no mistake, if you decide to indulge in such an unusual plumbing, be prepared to fork out, because this toilet will cost not less $ 300.

An unusual gas canister

In this dangerous world, many people who have to go back in the dark to work through the yards, thinking about how, not whether they buy a can of pepper in the event of an unexpected meeting with the natives of the concrete jungle in tracksuits. However, if you think that tear gas is no longer in vogue, one seller on eBay can offer you something more original. How about to buy for a few dollars a can of concentrated intestinal gas? I do not know how similar volley be able to stop the crowd who want to "call", "podkurit" or ask "what is your area of", but we call it unusual means of self-defense "style drunken skunk".

Canned meat unicorn

Why a good old-fashioned stew if on eBay you can easily buy a, quote, "is the real meat of the Unicorn." Looks "unicorn meat" ... drum roll ... as the most usual canned meat with sequins. And yes, the purpose of this mysterious product is still unclear, as the packaging is written in large letters "Danger! The food is not consumed. " As "edinorogovskie" spangle can ruin the stomach - is understandable, is another question - why in principle to buy it? However, if you believe the reviews on eBay, the seller "meat unicorns" puts very reasonable prices and provide customers "superior customer support."