"The deficit, comrades, the deficit!" Or four completely unexpected things that end up in our world

We all surely aware of the fact that the resources of our blue ball is not limitless. Some far-sighted citizens, extremely concerned about the fate of future generations, it is already time to time raise the hype in the media in the style of "we end hydrocarbons, la-la-la, we will soon run out of food, blah-blah-blah, where we graze the cows, if vegans szhuyut all the grass "and so on.

However, experience shows that far for lack of resources in such a remote and bleak future is by no means necessary, and humanity is beginning to experience a shortage in something already now. Today we decided to tell you about the four most unexpected things that gradually come to an end in our world.

The Gold Standard and planetary Rippers

It's probably the least surprising point of our entire list, but did so, according to the latest statistics, the world is rapidly running out of gold. Over the last decade it has been found relatively few new deposits of this remarkable metal, and many of the existing ones are closed due to the high riskiness of the project.

However, there is good news, because in 2015, scientists have almost found a solution for this urgent problem. No, a refiner of gold bowls Patriarch Kirill stamped ingots yet no one is going (Fear God, comrades, how), but the plot of the popular computer game "Dead Space" ceases to deal with such fantastic.

Desperate to properly replenish the gold feeder in the world, some US companies turned their eyes to the sky. Trial cosmic onslaught of brave guys from the "Planetary Resources" in 2015 confirmed that the theoretically in the near future, humanity will be able to slightly improve the balance of your "gold account" gutted space asteroid UW158, which is estimated to contain reserves of precious metals in a total of five trillion dollars USA.

Why be afraid of the dark in the bedroom?

Growing out of childhood, when mom and dad in the evenings periodically arranged in an exemplary demonstration test cabinets for babaek and monsters, many inhabitants of our planet reliably learned that the only "horror" that can overtake us in the dark bedroom, it is not dead with red eyes, but still trivial gonorrhea. And here are already really bad news for "sociable people with extensive social connections." Following the results of the last five years, worried doctors have officially declared that the world is rapidly ending effective antibiotics to treat this unpleasant disease.

If just 70 years ago, gonorrhea easily "kill" the majority of the available antibiotics, but today because of frequent cross-contamination and mutation of the strain to effectively treat it the most common sexually transmitted disease in the world can only be a single drug. Fortunately, unlike antibiotics, the deficit with rubber products, we have not yet foreshadowed, so if we do not want to be a couple of decades, all of humanity suddenly completely abandon a sedentary lifestyle, just be careful, my friend, okay ?

"To life!"

It is very strange that many prolafery who are desperately fighting for the lives of unborn children, it is a neutral attitude to such an interesting process, as the death penalty. However, surprisingly, as of 2017, the American bombers turned out to be a better chance to defend their right to life, than the "protagonists" of hundreds of thousands of tearful self-made propaganda videos.

The fact is that under the law the American bombers have the right to choose the kind of punishment between the electric chair and lethal injection, preparations for which, the thing-that rapidly end in prison stashes. Since the substances necessary for the preparation of a deadly cocktail, in America is practically not produced, and for the EU is favoring euthanasia does not sell US preparations necessary for ethical reasons, many convicted criminals, the death penalty is suddenly moved in a very distant and little foreseeable future.

This is all your fault, embezzler!

You are, of course, can not believe it, but a team of scientists from America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have recently come to the conclusion that the desperate end of our world ... sperm. If you believe the scientists, over the past 40 years, the number and concentration of these small tadpoles in semen decreased by almost 50%. But okay, so be it, do not be so harsh to him. The same scientists believe that such an unfortunate global phenomenon is explained not your nightly pranks, and poor environmental conditions, poor nutrition and too high level of stress in today's world.