Honey delight for body

• Honey delight for body

Useful properties of honey known us for a long time. In the old days, many were treated acne and burns it to them, and also used it as an anesthetic. Today we'll show you how honey effect on the skin and what the important components have.

Honey delight for body

"Honey Tales"

Honey delight for body

On the Internet you can find lots of articles about honey. So I decided to deal with useful and very effective properties of this sweet product. It should be noted immediately that the call can be helpful only the honey that has not been any heat treatments, that is, honey should be only natural. If the above it had "pokoldovat" experts, then, alas, it is not suitable for use as masks or wraps.

Natural honey can be bought in the market or from merchants visiting. Shops bypass side, if you like the naturalness of the product. It was there, standing in beautiful jars on the shelves, honey already sold without the beneficial properties. So do not even look in his direction, even if the jar you think too highly attractive. Worse than this honey, it can only be farmed honey. There's certainly nothing useful there, and among other things, you can harm your body by eating this product. So do not Think the entreaties sellers and bright label. It is better to choose natural products.

Honey as a panacea

Honey delight for body

What we are treated when sick? That's right, the first thing that comes to mind, since it is tea with lemon and honey! Well, you see, because absolutely no good reason, our mothers and grandmothers, as a child we treated it to them? Honey not only has useful properties, but also has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal assistance. Thanks to this delicious product can be long, "keep the brand" and does not deteriorate, it is possible to eat without any problems, even after a long time.

In addition, honey acts as a sedative and hypnotic. Give the child a teaspoon of honey before going to bed, and he will calm all night. Honey is also used to treat diabetes. They were advised to replace all the sugar in the food.

in the world of cosmetology Honey

Honey delight for body

Honey actively use world's leading cosmetic clinics. With it you can make a mask for the face and hair, as well as a special wrap that helps those struggling with excess weight.

The most common face mask can be considered:

• In one tablespoon of honey, add a few tablespoons of olive oil. Thoroughly mix all and give a little brew. Approximately fifteen minutes should be enough. After that, add the finely grated orange zest and mixes everything again. Leave for five in the refrigerator - for ten minutes, the mixture became cold. Once everything is ready, apply the mask on the skin of the neck and face. Leave it on for about forty minutes, and after the procedure rinse with warm water. To make your hair was in perfect condition, beauticians suggest using such a mask:

• Take three tablespoons of honey, and pour it into a pre-prepared dishes. Mix well and add to two fresh eggs. You can whisk whisk or fork, that's how you will be comfortable, but more importantly, to the mixture is thickened. Once everything is ready, add the zest of an orange and a teaspoon of olive oil. Again, mix well and put in the fridge to cool. your mask is ready for use after ten minutes. Apply it on your hair and wear some twenty minutes. After a stable application honey mask, your hair will look much better.

Honey delight for body

In addition to cosmetics, honey is able to remove the pain in the joints. a couple of spoonfuls of honey is enough to mix with grape juice and apply on the affected area. It needs to hide the film and the top roll up a warm scarf or towel.

As we can see for yourself, honey - it's an amazing tool that helps many problems. Therefore, use it correctly and problems in your body will disappear. Of course, no one says that honey can cure everything, but you will agree, this fragrant and tasty product much.