Advice on how to get your hands on

The human body is capable of much. But even people with good physical preparation do not always know and can perform a particular exercise. We believe that virtually every one of you at least once in their lives have the desire to get your hands on. It turns out not all. And then there is the human mind, it is very difficult and almost impossible. Not really! The main desire. Of course, the body will initially deviate from the center, but the systematic exercise to fix it. In this article you will learn how to learn to stand on his hands.

What is the way?

There are several factors:

1. Excess body weight (and so it is deflected to the side).

2. Lack of flexibility.

3. The weak, untrained hands, unable to keep the body.

4. loss of balance and falling fear.

It is obvious that you can not even think about without a flexible and trained body how to stand on his hands. With what should I start?

Advice on how to get your hands on

stand against the wall at the head and the hands

It will help avoid painful falls. In order to carry it out, put his head close to the wall and place your hands at a comfortable distance. If you do everything correctly, the pivot point should form a triangle. Begin the exercise with the position on his knees. Fix your head on the floor and hands, and then boldly reject feet to the wall. When will be able to occupy a stable position, tighten the back and pull the socks up. If you are thinking about how to get your hands on the baby, the training of the wall will be the best choice for your child. In this case, you will be its hedging and monitor the correct execution of the movements.

The front of the wall at the hands of

This is the second stage of preparation. At first, people find it difficult to keep yourself in this position, and they fall down. The main mistake - the wrong exit on a rack. Carrying out this item, you need to immediately straighten your elbows, convenient to fix them, and only then repelled down. Without extension of the arms spent a lot of energy. If you find it difficult to do so, use the help of a partner. Ideal - to find someone who not only insure, hold your feet, but also to know how to get your hands on. Tips from him will help speed up the process of development of the acrobatic element.

Advice on how to get your hands on

Learning Technology

Now you need to learn the proper technique. Try to align when it gets on your hands against the wall. Adhere to the following guidelines:

- straighten your arms and hold hands under the shoulders;

- does not bend back, keep it steady;

- Do not bend at the knees;

- pull the socks up.

By following these guidelines, you will understand how to get your hands on the wall. Take small breaks between attempts to perform this element. This will save your head from stress. By concentrating on the rack, do not forget about breathing. It should be calm and smooth.

Advice on how to get your hands on

Development of falls and farewell to the wall

The goal is close. Very soon you will be on your hands and do not be afraid. But you need to know how to fall correctly. There are three ways to painlessly fall:

- rifts. This is the most common and safest way. For the development of this item to first do a somersault from the sitting position. Then train tumble out of the rack on the hands and head. To do this, bend his back and throws his legs forward. This is done with one purpose - to slow the fall. If properly grouped, it will be safe. Of course, it is not a gymnastic tumbling, and a safe exit from the rack. To start, try to crank out handstands and head. Only then - from handstands. Place a mattress for insurance.

- Bridge. This method is more suitable for women, since they are more flexible. Therefore, people who know how to get your hands on the girl, it is always advised to make the fairer sex in the fall Bridge. Men, too, is to master this element. It's better to be flexible than getting a back injury.

- Pirouette. A beautiful and safe way. If you have the relevant skills and a sense of balance, then no problem. This requires frequent training wall. Pirouette can be done with the rotated body by lowering the legs. You will automatically take a half-turn, land and not get injured. Training outputs from the rack, do not get used to the wall. You can stand next to her, but do not touch. Just hold the balance. The main purpose - not to get up on your feet and do not overwhelm ago. To avoid balancing, greatly straining hands. To increase the strength of the wrist perform push-ups in a rack, but do it only when you are confident in the strength of hands and can safely and easily lowered his head down.

Advice on how to get your hands on

Balance Grinding

Now that you know how to learn to stand on his hands. Improve the performance of the element and avoid an imbalance. To take steps during the stand to keep his balance - this is normal, but keep your back straight. To fix this situation, you can help your feet currently. The main thing is not to make it a habit.

During the correct rack you are absolutely still. The body is in a level position without any discomfort. In general, over time, you will not even think about how to get your hands on. Try, exercise regularly, but do not overdo it. Good luck!