It is sure to make every day happy couples

It is sure to make every day happy couples

The habit number 1: They create their own rituals

"I recently started to put on my face Man wrinkle cream when we were lying in bed before going to sleep. At first, he grumbled and protested, but now from the eye zazhmurivaet fun and enjoy this mini-massage. He also indulges my daily ritual - sends romantic "song of the day". Just find on youtube clip corresponding to his senses and sends me with some funny signature - then I always smile, "- Christine, 31, lives with boyfriend of 4 years.

The habit number 2: They make each other compliments

"I earnestly every day tell my husband what I have it manly and sexy. And every time I utter these words, he looks at me so tenderly and lovingly that I want to just overwhelm his compliments! "- a psychologist and blogger Melissa Chapman.

Habit number 3: They hug

"I think every couple has to spend 5 minutes in the morning and the same evening, huddled close to each other. Naturally, you embrace during sex, but I would advise you to practice it purposefully, allocating the time and trying not to miss "session" hugs "- philosopher, sexologist Charlie Ferrer.

Habit number 4: They kiss goodbye

"Every morning I go to work earlier than my boyfriend, and every day we repeat the same ritual: I shouted to him," until ", out the door, and he runs after me and kisses goodbye. We will never, never leave the house without kissing "- Erin, 27 years old, in a relationship Man 2, 5 years.

Habit number five: Do they care about each other

"When we brush our teeth with a guy before bedtime, the one who does it first, always causes the paste to brush the second. He enters the bathroom and sees that it is already taken care of. Maybe someone does seem ridiculous, but so every day we recognized each other in love, without saying a word "- Stephanie, 22 years old, lives with boyfriend year.

number Habit 6: They are grateful to

"We both - careerists, constantly busy at work. Nevertheless, I find time to collect her husband dinner, and he sincerely thanked me for it or sms-Coy afternoon or evening, on returning home. We never talked about it specifically, but fully understand that gratitude plays a huge role in the wellbeing of our relationship - we are talking to each other "thank you" a hundred times a day and that is why we are still happy together "- Karen, aged 40, married 12 years.

Habit number 7: They spoil each other

"Seriously, our relationship is based on the fact that my husband calls" mutual indulging. " At that time, someone is offended and educates each other ultimatums, for example - "yesterday you could not endure the garbage, so today I'll make you breakfast," we compete differently. If Kevin, for example, washed the dishes, I'll do even more for him - ironed shirt and spread the washed linen. Each of us is trying to be a better version of himself, and this approach really works - now we are in love with each other even more than the day of the wedding, and it was 22 years ago ", - Mary, 49 years old.

Habit number eight: They are properly start the day

"My husband brings me coffee in bed in the morning, and I walk with him to the subway when he goes to the office, because I work at home and it's the only way to start the day together," - Chelsea, 26 years old, lives with boyfriend 1 5 years

Habit number 9: They bill and coo on SMS

"My boyfriend - a pro in writing cute love sms, he sends them to me daily. We all know how little things can affect the climate in relations, but for some reason still think that you can just make some nice, a grand act, and then a year to sit idly by. Instead, I advise couples in love to please each other with something small, but do it regularly. Whether it's a cup of cocoa, a disc of your favorite band, a note on the fridge or Stolen Kiss "- Laurie Shade, a psychologist and family therapist.

Habit number 10: They are happy to see each other

"Let your face glows with happiness every time your partner enters the room! This technique will make you both happier no matter how old your relationship. I am really happy to see it when you wake up with him in the same bed or when he crosses the threshold of the evening. Too many people allow the same mistake - disrupts his irritation because of fatigue or ill health on your partner as soon as they see it at home. You can not treat your loved one as a bin for their emotions. Just try to follow my advice - it 'infect' your boy and magically change your attitude "- a psychologist, relationship expert Tonya Lester.