15 fiction short films that are sure to look out for

Just a few minutes of these short films the authors manage to fit everything: the original script, and the extraordinary vision of the future, and it is a good game actors. We have selected 15 great films that are definitely worth taking the time.

15 fiction short films that are sure to look out for

Room 8

Events taking place somewhere in the Soviet Union. A prisoner enters the chamber, where there is one person. Seeing red box, a newcomer interested in its contents ...

The black hole

The parable of greed and avarice general office clerk, which falls into the hands of paper with magical black hole.


The boy accidentally meets a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization - a giant fighting robot, which was hunted by military special forces.

Code 8

Four percent of the population possess supernormal Lincoln City. These "special" people live below the poverty line and are trying to cling to any job to support the family and do not stay on the street. But not all of them are willing to work for peanuts. Some have resorted to criminal methods "earning" money with its uniqueness. The protagonist is barely making ends meet, earning an honest way, but the infringement of the rights of "special" forces him to reconsider ...


The story about a defective robot and his emotions.

uncanny valley

In the future, living in the slums of virtual addicts satisfy their violent impulses with the help of online entertainment. And at some point, one of the advanced player detects that the difference between the game and reality is very illusory.


The sci-fi comedy "Circles" is about a group of enthusiasts who are sent on a tour dedicated to the enigma of crop circles. The guide is very skeptical about such events. But only as long as a bus failure does not cause the group spending the night next to a mysterious field.


Events of the film take place in the near future, where the TV in the wall and the robot is no surprise. The parents of a boy named Alex constantly quarrel. The family began to crumble before his eyes, and there is no one nearby, who might support him in difficult times. So give the boy another - a robot named Blinky. At first, Alex is very happy such an interesting gift, but over time he begins to realize that Blinky will not solve all of its problems, and that his family and will continue to fall apart. Then he begins to vent his anger on the entire robot, not even knowing what is capable of such a seemingly defenseless creature.

The archetype of

The story takes place in the near future, where the center of the story eight-foot robot RL7, who wake up strange memories about his past. And, of course, the corporation, which is not profitable, it is necessary to begin the hunt for a full RL7.

The Rise of

In the near future, intelligent robots have been sentenced to liquidation after they began to develop the human emotional behavior.


If you could stop the world for 60 seconds, what would you do? Heroes of the new sci-fi short film "Tempus" chose the most obvious option.

Consequently, there is

Mysterious meeting a man who claims he is from the future, from a person who is in the past. The action takes place in the setting of time-travel on parallel worlds theory.

Lost memories

To date, we are still far from the present digital era, but the heroes of this film are already living in it for a while. Letters, photos, notes, etc. -.. Everything is stored electronically, but how it is connected to an ordinary pair of lovers who came to see the Eiffel Tower? The answer in this film.

Portal: Nowhere to Run

A woman wakes up in a locked room with no memory of who she is and how she got there.

In the closet

The pair moved to a new apartment, with a case where there is something strange.