5 football stadiums expensive "Krestovsky"

St. Petersburg took 10 years and $ 1, 1 billion, but in New York, London, Singapore and Montreal spent more

in St. Petersburg to happen incredible December 26 - the builders promise to hand over "Krestovsky" stadium in operation. The first matches in the arena, which during the 2018 World Cup will be called "St. Petersburg", scheduled for the beginning of 2017-th. On the construction of stadium with an amazing roll-out field and a retractable roof it took 10 years and more than $ 1 billion. Now it is the most expensive sports ground Russian. But not of the world. Forbes is a gallery-5 football stadiums suitable planet, which cost more expensive new home arena of the St. Petersburg "Zenith".

5 football stadiums expensive

Yankee Stadium (2009), New York

$ 2, 3 billion

Capacity at football matches 30 to 300 (with the possibility of increasing to 49 600)

Design features: in the style of a traditional baseball stadium - from the outside it is sheathed in limestone from Indiana (also used in the exterior of the Empire State Building and the Pentagon), granite and concrete. Location stands replicates the original Yankee Stadium, built in 1923.

The construction of a new home arena baseball club New York Yankees began in August of 2006. More than half of the project provided the taxpayers' money: nearly $ 1, 2 billion was the total contribution of the city, state, federal budget and the MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority). $ 270 million allocated private developers $ 182 million - baseball league, $ 671 million - the club itself "New York Yankees".

Interests Football League MLS (Major League of Soccer) in the appearance in New York, the second (after the "New York Red Bulls") of the club coincided with the idea of ​​the owners of the English club "Manchester City" to expand its ecosystem due to the States. In 2013, the "City" and the owners of baseball "Yankee" Yankee Global Enterprises paid $ 100 million for joining the MLS and announced that in 2015 will be supplemented League team, "New York City" 20% belong to a new club, "New York Yankees", 80% - "Manchester City". Working on a project purely football stadium prevent difficulties with the choice of location. For the second season, the team holds home games at the most expensive sports arena in the world. Here are the summer exhibition football tournaments, which involved "Manchester City"

5 football stadiums expensive

Wembley Stadium (2007), London

$ 1, 462 billion (757 million pounds) Capacity at football matches: 90 000

Design features: sliding roof, the possibility of dismantling the part stands for athletics competitions (the stadium's seating capacity reduced to 60,000).

Preparations for restructuring obsolete "Wembley" began in 1996, when England hosted the European Football Championship. 6 years were needed to approve the project, the selected contractor (an Australian company Multiplex) and to conclude a contract with him at 757 million pounds. This is exactly 1000 times more than was spent on the construction of the original Wembley, opened in 1923.

Dismantling of the old stadium began in September of 2002, a year later started the construction work. The Football Association has received an arena for use in March of 2007. Two months later, the match-opening of the new "Wembley" - the FA Cup final. Since then, the stadium takes home matches of the national team, the finals of the national cup tournaments.

In addition, the reconstruction of their home arena "White Hart Lane" "Wembley" rents London "Tottenham" (in the season-2016/17 - home matches of the Champions League, with the season-2017/18 - for all home matches).

5 football stadiums expensive

Singapore National Stadium (2014), Singapore

$ 1, 4 billion (1, 87 billion Singapore dollars)

Capacity at football matches: 55 000 Design features: sliding roof, moving the first tier - automatically "pulls" the rostrum to make room for athletics.

The National Stadium has become the center of multisport complex Singapore Sports Hub, which also included water sports palace, multipurpose arena, a sports museum and a laboratory, a shopping center and the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

The project worth 1, 87 million Singapore dollars was introduced in 2008, but the economic crisis has forced to postpone its implementation. Construction began in 2010 and took four years. From 2014 -th here takes rivals Singapore national football team. But the record of attendance of the National Stadium (59,475) belongs to the English club "Arsenal" and "Everton". Here the routes crossed their Asian tour in the summer of 2015.

5 football stadiums expensive


Olympic Stadium (1976), Montreal

$ 1, 4 billion (1, 61 billion Canadian dollars)

Capacity at football matches: 61 000

Design features: sliding roof.

The main stadium of the Summer Olympics in 1976, the original plan had to be put into operation in 1972. But the builders' strike, the complexity of the design and the harsh winds of Montreal led to the fact that by the opening ceremony of the arena roof and the tower did not have time to finish. In fact, the construction of the stadium was completed only in 1988, when the roof is lit for the first time.

In 1970, the government of Quebec approved the arena costs of $ 134 million Canadian dollars. Rising prices and inflation led to the fact that the Olympic Stadium cost about 1, 6 billion. The region has managed to enter and cancel the tax on tobacco, with revenues that cover part of the construction costs. Finally it managed to pay the bills in November, 2006. In the early 1980s, football is played here by a team of North American league NASL "Montreal Manic." Now Olympic selectively uses as home arena "Montreal Impact" of the MLS. Over the past 10 years there have been three great matches of FIFA tournaments (two youth world championship and World Cup women's teams) and the meeting of the Super Cup France 2009.

5 football stadiums expensive

London Stadium (2011), London

$ 1, 1 billion (752 million pounds)

Capacity at football matches: 60 000

Design features: sliding roof.

Design of the main arena of the Olympics and the Paralympics in 2012 began in November of 2007, the construction - in May 2008. Stadium put into operation in March of 2011. The application of London for the right to host the Games featured a project worth 280 million pounds. In the process of finalizing the 80-thousand's price rose to 429 million pounds. The implication was that after the Games London Stadium remodel part of the funds for this was laid in the Olympic budget.

Less than a year after the Games 2012 in London, "West Ham United" signed the documents for the rental of the stadium for 99 years. The club agreed to invest in its reconstruction 15 million pounds -. Addition to the annual payment of $ 2, 5 million Perestroika first evaluated in 160 million pounds. But the problems with the roof structure, the weather conditions and design changes as a result raised the price of 323 million pounds. The season 2016/17 was for "West Ham" first in London Stadium.

5 football stadiums expensive

"Krestovsky" (2016), St. Petersburg

$ 1, 1 billion (42, 3 billion rubles)

Capacity at football matches: 68 000

Design features: withdrawable box, sliding roof.

Financing "Krestovsky" was carried out from St. Petersburg city budget. The project passed the state examination parts, Construction general contractor engaged in three, so its total cost has been changed several times. "Synthesis-MIS", who had by 2008 to demolish the old Kirov Stadium, and begin to build a new arena in its place, received for work done 5, 4 billion rubles ($ 230 million). His successor "Transstroi" signed a contract for 22, 6 billion rubles. But Russia won the right to host World Cup 2018, and tightened the requirements for the stadium. Spend more time to 9, 9 billion ($ 305 million), followed by "Transstroi" won the tender to rebuild the arena for new conditions - another 21 billion ($ 408 million). In the summer of 2016 a contract with "Transstroy" was terminated by the customer - in connection with complaints about the quality and speed of construction (about the return of advance payments is the court, in its decision of the total cost of the stadium is reduced by $ 30 million - $ 60 million). The last general contractor "Krestovsky" became "Metrostroy" concluded contracts with the city for a total of 7, 8 billion rubles ($ 127 million). The total cost of the construction cost of the stadium and construction of the territory, taking into account exchange rate changes, was $ 1, 04 billion.

Manage the arena will be FC "Zenit", he is able to bear the costs of its content. In addition to the home matches of the club, "Krestovsky" take matches Confederations Cup 2017, World Cup 2018 and the Championship of Europe 2020 - during international tournaments arena will be called "St. Petersburg"