Do you know how to make jeans shorts with his hands?

Here come the summer, and wear, as always, nothing. The cabinet lying around some old little things, which is a pity to throw. But, fortunately, it is possible to give a second life. In this article we will learn how to make jeans shorts with his hands. And you will see what they will become fashionable, and most importantly, unique. After all, this is your personal project.

Do you know how to make jeans shorts with his hands?

cropped trouser

First of all, wash the thing decided to redo it. Next, you need a well-ironed jeans and try on. Before you make shorts out of old jeans with his hands, it is necessary to determine the length. No need to strive to do their very short or long. Take a measuring tape and leave marks at the seams and the middle leg. Yet it is not necessary to cut right through them. Take stock in a couple of centimeters. Maybe you want them or frayed hem. Of course, you can not do anything with them and leave them in this form. But you want to get your denim shorts from old jeans looked stunning. Then we get to work!


Do you know how to make jeans shorts with his hands?

Change the color of the product can be with bleach. Just pour it into a spray bottle and put on shorts. Wait a few hours until it is absorbed, then rinse well. After drying, they should remain slightly moist. Before making shorts jeans with their own hands, you need to buy paint for clothes. Dissolve it in water and apply to your product. colored shorts

You can use several colors to look bright. Apply them one by one and make sure that the lines were blurred. Try to use the colors in sequence.

color picture

You want to have on your things flaunted some sort of pattern? Before making shorts jeans with his hands, buy a stencil and draw it using acrylic marker. But first, try to do it on the piece that you cut.

the effect of abrasions

Do you know how to make jeans shorts with his hands?

are quite popular for a long time remain frayed model. You do not know how to make jeans shorts with his hands in this way? Just grab the blade, make a small incision, gently povytaskivali thread, and you have a great fringe. After rub them with a pumice stone, so get the effect of old things.

Shorts with lace

This article of clothing is very easy to do. Go to the store and buy a lace cloth. After sew it on the edge of clothing or pockets, and you get a very stylish shorts. You can also use a fabric with a print. You can replace the pockets on the other, or just sew the top fabric scraps as patches. Beautifully will look sequins or rhinestones. And you can just stick the pins or rivets. It all depends on your imagination. hem

Hemming these products need a sewing machine with special thread. Line needs to be done from the inside to make it look neat. It is better to draw a chalk line and sew over it. You can also use duct tape. But you need to choose the good that it does not razlezlas after the first wash. Jeans will always be popular. They can be not only bold but stylish, and even sexy. The main thing is that they are always very practical and comfortable.