Tips for humming along for Human Care

• Tips for humming along for a person leaves

Man - one of the best pet cat. He not only lives and is happy with you, but still meets all your requirements and orders.

Tips for humming along for Human Care

It would seem Sign a human life immediately goes up the hill. But do not jump to conclusions before you make yourself a person to answer the question "Are you going to watch and care for the person on the rest of your life?". If yes, then you can safely start human itself, but remember that you will take on their paws very big responsibility.

So, let's advice:

1. Provide human reserves wool

Tips for humming along for Human Care

a man of his coat and little to save him from the cold, you just need to leave their fur everywhere - on clothes, on linen, on the sofas. The best solution is to get on the shelf with clothing and a good sleep off her. I assure you that after this, your man just never freezes!

2. Keep the person in the field of

Tips for humming along for Human Care

In no case do not allow the presence in the house closed doors! You owe 24 hours a day to monitor the actions of their pets. If you suddenly notice the closed door - declare an emergency alarm. Quickly run to the door and start yelling that there are forces. Do not give up - yell louder and louder! Once a person opens the door for you, make sure that all is well with him, and then turn around and walk away back to his business.

3. Take care of the plants

Tips for humming along for Human Care

People are very fond of, when the house is the grass grows, but, unfortunately, not able to take care of it. Therefore, the task of caring for plants of up to you. To begin with spare the plant from excess stems simply by eating them, it will give the plant a beautiful shape.

The next step will be getting rid of excess land plants. For the roots of oxygen is very important, so dig the extra portion of the land to the pot so that the flower was a breath of fresh air.

4. Check the condition of the person

Tips for humming along for Human Care

Do not be too lazy to monitor the well-being, even at night! During the night periodically wake him with a loud "Myauuu" and check his health.

In order not to fall asleep at night, some sleep during the day, until the person is not at home.

5. Teach a man does not waste time

Tips for humming along for Human Care

relieves a person from an empty pastime. For example, what good is watching TV or sitting at the computer? Absolutely no! So try to save people from this stupid habit. As soon as you see the person at the computer, immediately position yourself all over the keyboard. After several attempts to remove you from it, people will understand that it is useless and just give up.

On TV things are much simpler - just throw off this junk on the floor.

If you follow all of these guidelines, then after a while will be ready for a happy life together with someone.