What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

Myths are born in many different ways. Generate one our grandparents, other - not too picky about food, whose statements in the era of the Internet and rewriting rewritten thousands of times, and so extend. Let us try to understand what ostensibly very healthy food and products at the moment is rather the myths about ourselves than really an integral part of proper nutrition.

1. Oatmeal

What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

No, it is not a cure for all ills! / Photo: legkopolezno.ru

Modern biologists, and nutritionists have recently hit a real concern about the "true British breakfast", namely cooked oatmeal. Flakes do not require cooking, which are filled with boiling water, and it is equal to it. The fact that oatmeal contains a sufficiently large amount of phytic acid. This substance leaches calcium from the bones, which can subsequently lead to osteoporosis. In no event should not eat oatmeal every morning. In addition to the above, it also will lead to excess weight. It is best to alternate between oatmeal with other cereals. And the most useful technique oatmeal - raw, simply fill them with yogurt or yogurt without sugar. That's a real scrub the intestines and Charging useful solid fiber! In fact, after cooking fiber useful it is left, and turns just impact a carbohydrate drink.

2. Soups Soviet-type

What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

The myth about the benefits of this terribly harmful dishes originated after World War II. / Photo: vkusno-blog.ru

The myth that the soup - it's the most useful thing that is out of food originated in the hungry post-war period. Just make a reservation: the use of meat broths, vegetable soups and soups, mashed potatoes (eg, fungal) is not questioned. But really harmful is the so-called Soviet-style soup: broth, which simultaneously present the meat, vegetables and potatoes (as an option - pasta). These soups are very satisfying. That is why they and the Soviet fighters nakarmlivali recent mistress. But anyone who even slightly versed in the nutritional value of products, but even more so a nutritionist will tell you that this dish - a direct path to the chair gastroenterologist. Such soups clog the gastrointestinal tract, leading to bloating, a huge load on the intestine, acute gastritis (erosions and ulcers, and as a manifestation of his last). Soviet soup as harmful and unhealthy, like the Soviet second dish: steak with pasta (or boiled potatoes). These dishes are set to obesity and diseases.

3. Grapes

What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

The abuse of grapes leads to diabetes. / Photo: zlatpitomnik.ru

Many believe that the grapes are useful. Just because it is - a fruit, all fruits and vegetables are beneficial. But not everyone knows that grapes, for example, strictly contraindicated for diabetics because of off-scale amount of glucose in its composition. Grapes - the most insidious of the fruit. Roaming acids which it contains in large amounts, can lead to acute gastritis and does not pass bloating. During the summer, categorically it is not necessary to use the grapes every day. So fruit can pamper themselves no more than 1-2 per week recess. In addition, the grapes are very poorly kept. Stale, it can cause food poisoning. Prefer grapes, sold in a store in the refrigerator section,. You should not buy grapes from street vendors in direct sunlight (advice relevant to the approaching holiday season in tropical countries on the seashore).

4. Toast

What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

Toast - it's like bakery products. / Photo: shkolazhizni.ru

No doubt: toasts and dietichnee healthier than fresh bread. But just do not forget that even after cooking and draining the toast is still baked goods. To believe that you can lose weight by eating toast instead of bread - quite laughable. No less absurd to believe that a snack toast or scrambled eggs soup - a dietary meal. You get exactly the same mixture of proteins and carbohydrates when you eat a slice of ham on toast, which occurs when eating a hot dog or burger. The transformation of bread into toast is intended to reduce the burden on the gastrointestinal tract for those who can not yet or do not want to limit yourself to baked products. But the toast in no way are not part of a healthy diet. It is, rather, self-indulgence for those who have already started to monitor the health and goes on a proper diet.

5. Eggs

What supposedly ultrapoleznye dishes actually harmful

The eggs are better to eat in moderation. / Photo: pimterest.ru

If you eat a lot of eggs, it increases blood cholesterol levels. A curious fact: the first pass of diseases due to the increase of cholesterol from the excessive consumption of eggs were men who often actively engaged in the gym with fitness equipment. They believed that after fiznagruzok for the formation of muscle mass need to eat as much as possible the natural protein. Not wanting to acquire dubious sports protein mixture (which is absolutely right!), They made the decision instead of lean meat to eggs, believing that it is a dietary solution. As a result, the blood cholesterol level started going wild. The diseases caused by high cholesterol, sounding very much through the vessels and the heart. Therefore, in no case should not eat more than two eggs a day. A perfect number for a healthy adult - 5-6 eggs per week.