The woman who found a plus in its ugliness

• The woman who found a plus in its ugliness

I'm sure many of you have seen on the Internet a photo on the right, but the picture on the left is not as well known, although it is one and the same person.

The woman who found a plus in its ugliness

Mary Ann Bevan in the UK at the time was "awarded" the title of "the ugliest woman in the world." But before they compete for the dubious title, Mary Ann was the most ordinary girl.

She was born in 1874. Up to 20 years as a nurse at the hospital and was pretty attractive young girl. Soon, she married Thomas Bevan, and changes began after her marriage. It turned out sweet and attractive young girl suffering from a rare disease - acromegaly. The illness is characterized by the generation of large amounts of growth hormone.

As a result, as early as 32 years of Mary began the painful headaches and muscle pain. This was due to a sharp rise in some parts of her body. And in the most difficult period for the woman, she was left alone with four children - dying husband. Mary has to take care of a child, look for ways to make money and feed them. Find a job was not easy. Mary's appearance has become the subject of ridicule of others. Failures in search of work to make a woman come to a difficult choice - she decided that her ugliness should bring her the money. It was then that she learned that the city hold competitions of questionable character, but probably quite profitable. The competition "The most masculine woman." Mary not only participated but also won. There was nothing to be proud of, but the prize in a rather tidy sum drowned shame. Rumors about the appearance of "the ugliest woman" spread to neighboring towns. And so one day, Mary Ann was invited to work in the circus.

It turned out, people are willing to pay a lot of money to look at the "ugliness" unknown woman. Over time, the appearance of Mary helped her earn so much money that she and 4 children moved to America and began working in the famous park "Dreamland". Until the last days of his life, a woman was one of the most beloved members "Dreamland".

Mary Ann was able to turn his misfortune, if not fortune, then at least a good source of income.

In our society, people often forget that a pretty face is not the most important thing in life.