6 domestic films that received the "Oscar"

In 2019 Film Awards "Oscar" celebrates its 90th anniversary. It was established in 1929 and is awarded to date figures of cinema. During the existence of the domestic film awards movies more than once been nominated for her reception, but only 6 of domestic paintings were awarded with a golden statuette. In this case, each of the "Oscar-winning" The film can be called a masterpiece of cinema.

6 domestic films that received the

"Moscow Strikes Back"

6 domestic films that received the

For the first time the prestigious prize was awarded to the Soviet documentary, which was filmed at the initiative of Josef Stalin. In November 1941, the head of the Soviet Union decided to capture a keepsake descendants of a military strike, which Soviet troops were preparing to inflict during the Great Patriotic War near Moscow. The director of the documentary were selected Leonid Varlamov and Ilya Kopalin and filmed an unprecedented feat of soldiers 15 operators.

On the morning of the operators went to the front, and in the evening had to return to the studio in the front-line city. There were frequent cases when the studio machine body brought home the evening of the deceased operator. The shooting took place in difficult conditions, a break in the assembly and dubbing done only during air raids. In February 1942, the film was released in theaters. In the same year he was in the United States have shown, entitled "Moscow Strikes Back". However, for American viewers a documentary film had to be divided into 4 parts and completely rewire. In 1943, the film won the award "Oscar" for best documentary. It was noted as the unparalleled work of cinematographers in combat and heroism of the people shown during the defense of the capital.

"War and Peace"

6 domestic films that received the

State order for shooting the epic did after the release of the US version of "War and Peace", and for the right to become the director struggled eminent Ivan Pyryev and young, but already proven Sergei Bondarchuk. As a result, Pyrev he refused to shoot, and Bondarchuk began work on the film, which lasted for 6 years.

In this survey found the most ambitious, not only for the Soviet, but also for world cinema. A budget is spent on the creation of the epic, it seemed simply inconceivable for the Soviet cinema. However, the subsequent success of "War and Peace" was truly deafening. In April 1969, the film won the award "Oscar" for best foreign language film. However, the award was handed performer as Natasha Rostova, Lyudmila Savelyev, as the director Sergei Bondarchuk did not want to interrupt shooting his next film.

"Dersu Uzala"

6 domestic films that received the

The film is based on works by a traveler Vladimir Arsenyev filming Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa on the invitation of Sergei Gerasimov. Filming was not exactly easy, as the director did not know the Russian language, and the actors did not understand Japanese, they say, and the difference of cultures and mentalities. However, the movie was so sincere and real, that does not mention it was simply impossible. In 1976, the picture was quite deservedly awarded the "Oscar", and over the years the film has received awards filmmakers Finland, France, Peru, Spain and Italy.

"Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears"

6 domestic films that received the

Even the film's director Vladimir Menshov did not count on the fact that the film is shot it will be as popular and loved. Critics initially reacted to a very cool picture, and some even expressed the opinion that the picture simply exploits the basest human emotions.

It should be noted that from the filming of the film gave many famous actresses, including Clara Lucko, Margarita Terekhova, Vertinskaya Anastasia and Inna Makarova. However, Menchov and he is not particularly impressed by the script. He liked only point on which the heroine gets an alarm clock, and a call to wake her 20 years, she has become a successful and self-sufficient.

Even to award "Oscar" Vladimir Menshov learned from the story in the "Time" and received the cherished statuette 20 years after the premiere of the film.

"Burnt by the Sun"

6 domestic films that received the

The film by Nikita Mikhalkov, taken together with French filmmakers, not only won the prestigious "Oscar", but even the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival and the Russian State Prize in 1994. The film depicts a day in the life quite safe and even happy family. This day was the beginning of the end and happiness, and the whole family. The film leaves a lasting impression and painful feeling of compassion for those who had to go through unimaginable horrors of Stalinist repression.

"The Old Man and the Sea"

6 domestic films that received the

In 2000, she won the "Oscar" animated film director and screenwriter Andrei Petrov, filmed on the eponymous product of Ernest Hemingway. The creator of the cartoon was working on his painting for over two and a half years, all the work was done in Canada. He was able to shoot the film in a new technique, dubbed revived painting. The artist draws on the glass with oil paints using a brush and your own fingers.