Abandoned skyscrapers

The world is full of abandoned and unfinished buildings. And they always attract its mystery.

Sometimes it does happen that the whole appeared abandoned skyscrapers. The reasons for many: economic crises, political instability, or simply poor quality work.

Abandoned skyscrapers

"Tower NOT", Poland

Skyscraper "Tower NOT", which is informally referred to as the Poles "Shkeletor", was built as a regional headquarters of the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations, or NOT Polish. The building was started in 1975, but work was stopped in 1981 due to lack of finances. Since that time the tallest building in Krakow is left empty, a silent witness to the passing epoch.

Abandoned skyscrapers

of Baker Hotel, Texas

In the early XX century, the inhabitants of the town Mineral Wells assessed the possibility of mineral springs of the region. It was therefore decided to build a hotel with a spa treatment, which would bring to the city budget money. Construction of 14-storey hotel with 400 rooms and two ballrooms halls began in 1926 and lasted three years. In the 30s the city was very popular among tourists. Revenues poured in, and the 40s were able to establish in the hotel, even the air conditioning system.

Later, however, the flow of people has started to decrease, the hotel closed / opened. As a result, it closed for good. The truth is now a monument of architecture and even go work on the restoration. But slowly.

Abandoned skyscrapers

5-storey building Pécsi magasház, Pecs, Hungary

The highest of abandoned buildings in Central Europe is a residential 25-storey, 84-meter high building Pécsi magasház (high-rise building furnaces). Construction of the house was completed in 1976, and the company-builder provided apartments for 800 residents. They lived in the house a little more than 10 years, and then he began to break down. In 1989 the last residents were evacuated. Demolition of a building that has fallen into decay, was planned for 2014, but it still stands.

Abandoned skyscrapers

Skyscraper Sathorn Unique, Thailand

In the mid 90s, Thailand experienced a boom in the economy, and local architects, thinking about the prospects, decided to build skyscrapers. In 1997 there came a crisis, so the construction of some buildings has been stopped, including the 49-story skyscraper Sathorn Unique, Bangkok. Today enter the building with 659 apartments and 54 commercial sites is prohibited. The building still stands, and its walls are decorated with posters.

Abandoned skyscrapers

Abraham Lincoln Tower, Brazil

In the 60s, when Brazil flourished, there were ambitious plans - namely, to build 76 residential skyscrapers with luxury apartments in the center of Rio de Janeiro's Barra da Tijuca. The first two buildings are called "Tower of Abraham Lincoln." Construction of 37-storey building began in 1969, but a lack of funds and materials in 1972 slowed down the project.

Finding no way out, the developer has decided to apply for financial support to individual investors, promising a price reduction when buying a home, but for 40 years the buildings are completely empty. There were two attempts to draw attention to the skyscrapers. The first - when 300 people occupied the building for a month, until they were driven out by police. In 2010, Dutch artists have initiated a project entitled "Occupation of paradise", creating thumbnails of abandoned skyscrapers to attract public attention to the isolation and social injustice.

Abandoned skyscrapers

Tower Plaza, USA

This 45-storey structure with the top reminding mushroom cap, said of the era of modern skyscrapers in New Orleans. Since 2002, the building stands abandoned. Construction of the Plaza once plagued with failures. Since the work in 1966, suddenly suspended for two years. A 1984 half-residential building was converted into a commercial. 2001 tenants have filed several lawsuits in court on the owners of the tower for inaction. In 2002, offices were evacuated and closed the entrance to the tower.

Abandoned skyscrapers

Abandoned Tower Buka, Detroit, USA

At the beginning of XX century millionaire from Detroit, James Burgess Beech Jr. decided to overhaul the historic district of the city. He engaged in the reconstruction of the architect Louis Kamper. At first, 13-story office building in the Italian Renaissance style was built, which was called "Buck the building." Later Buck and his brothers decided to build something grand. In 1926 the building of Buka added two 38-storey tower, and it was the highest in the city. The building is topped by a copper roof, and the walls are decorated with sculptures of caryatids, which was once called the wives of the 12 apostles.

Glory Bukov brothers was not long. In 1928, in a 47-storey building was built. Wanting to regain its title of tallest building, they decided to build a 81-storey building in front of Beachwood. But in 1929 came the Great Depression, and the plans were not realized. Later, an amazing building passed from one owner to another and change their appearance. In 2013, there were plans for the reconstruction of the building, but the details are still unknown.