How many drunk Russian leaders

• How many Russian leaders drank

How many drunk Russian leaders

"There is a drinking spree in Russia", - so the legend told foreign ambassadors the Grand Duke Vladimir Red Sun. Russian rulers, as well as people know a lot about intoxicating drink, but drinking was not an end in itself for them - it was rather pleasant addition to a hearty meal.

Few of the Russian rulers was not seen in the love of any intoxicating beverages - preferred or liqueur or wine, or vodka. Is that Nicholas I was known as a staunch teetotaler he even at official receptions liquor asked to replace a glass of plain water.

It is not known in what amounts loved to drink alcohol or that government officials, however, memoirs of contemporaries partly fill this gap. For example, the first king of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail Fedorovich was strict with smokers, but had a weakness for alcohol. Whether the legend, whether a true story conveys to us that one day the emperor could drink two buckets of wine.

Passion for alcoholic beverages Russians instilled in Peter I, in particular, to acquaint them with brandy and rum, but he insisted that "no one through the power of not drinking and not opilsya to death." The king preferred to wine, which is rumored to be during the day could drink at least 30 cups of morning and he usually began with glasses of vodka and eating pickled cucumber.

Even during the longest feasts Peter could keep a cool head. A drunk there before, that "lifeless" body of His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov collapses under the table. It is said that the future husband of the Empress Anna Ivanovna, Frederick William (the Duke of Courland) died from what allowed himself to compete in drinking with Peter Alekseevich.

Grandson king-reformer Peter III unlike grandfather was less mild to drink. He liked noisy and merry feast, accompanied by copious libations. Peel Peter not only with noble guests, but also with the lackeys. During the day, according to eyewitnesses, Catherine II's husband could consume up to one and a half liters of vodka. About irrepressible passion for alcohol Emperor Alexander III goes a lot of stories, but it is clear that most of them is a product of the national myth-making. Alexander drink, of course, loved, but "in blagovremenii". Like Peter I drank a lot, and he almost did not get drunk, and the was always cheerful and shalovliv as a child.

Morning and afternoon, Alexander III did not allow himself to drink too much, keeping his head fresh for productive work, and only in the evening could pampered favorite drinks. Close the king pointed out that in a close circle, he could drink a glass or two of vodka, liqueurs and cordials, and at official meetings is almost always consumed diluted with water champagne.

On Alcohol Alexander III, his memories left physician-physician, professor of the Imperial Military Medical Academy Nikolai Velyaminov: "Peel whether he vodka for a snack - I do not remember, it seems not, and if they drink, it does no more than one small glass of vodka: at the table, he drank more brew wine almost did not drink, and if you drink it your favorite drink - Russian kvass half with champagne. " But most of all, according to Sonya, the emperor loved the icy water that night it was served in carafes and "drink this ice water is really very much, always complaining about the unquenchable thirst."

There was not a supporter of a sober lifestyle and Nicholas II. Especially a lot of excess he could afford in his younger years. This is evident in his diaries. "I Felt very unreliable whole day as if a squadron spent the night in his mouth," - we read in one of the notes. The recording has been more specific information from August 1904: "Traveled all the lower ranks of the table and load the decent vodka, reached the officers' club." Two years later he wrote: "I tried to 6 varieties of port wine and a little nadryzgalsya why sleep well." Nicholas II was very fond of all sorts of gatherings of officers, where necessary overturned more than one "glass of war" for the health of their soldiers. Emperor had a passion and a brandy. By the way, the tradition snack cognac lemon, sprinkle with powdered sugar and coffee went from him.

Nevertheless close Nicholas II celebrated a moderate amount of alcohol, consumed king. So, the maid of honor of the Imperial Court Countess Sofia Buxhowden wrote that the king "drank very little wine, a little glass of vodka before breakfast and a small glass of Madeira wine during the meal." Memoirs also note that during receptions Nicholas could drink two or three small glasses of champagne.

The leaders of the Soviet Union, despite a number of anti-alcohol campaign, also knew a lot of alcoholic beverages. But the variety of alcohol (almost always domestic production) Table top party officials could boast only in the postwar period.

Stalin had established himself as malopyuschy man, although his political career was often paired with magnificent feasts. He preferred to drink more. According to the memoirs, the leader mostly drink wine - very weak "Majari" - thirty or pyatidesyatigrammovymi cups.

"Majari" Stalin ordered the day before his death. "That night the owner called me and said," Give us the juice bottle on two. " Then calls again: "Bring more juice." At six pm the next day the leader was found dead "- we read in the memoirs of the guard Lozgacheva Stalin.

Especially for drinking, according to the observations of contemporaries, was applied Khrushchev. Perhaps this is why at official receptions he used glasses with a double bottom. At first glance, it seemed that it is full, but in reality there were only a few drops of alcohol. Peak consumption of alcohol in the Soviet Union took place in the period of stagnation under Brezhnev, he departed not from the people, and he Leonid Ilyich. Favorite drink Brezhnev - "Zubrovka", he even drank her pills. Marina Vlady remembered how Secretary General taught to drink in three steps: "50 grams, then 100, then another 150, and at this stop."

Legends are not paid attention to the Soviet era. According to rumors, Yuri Andropov, working more as ambassador to Hungary, the dispute with the head of the country's Janos Kadar drank straight vodka 4 cups, not even having a snack. However, at the end of life, weakened by serious illness, the secretary general could only afford a small glass of wine "Milk woman he loved."

But the most drinking country reputed leader Boris Yeltsin. Even in his youth, engaged in volleyball, he advised the team before the game to drink a hundred and fifty grams, of course the first setting an example. In the 70 years during a visit to the Polish town of Zakopane, the then first secretary of the Sverdlovsk Regional Committee of the CPSU, Yeltsin shocked the audience that during official dinners drank a glass of vodka, but not in one gulp, and small sips, savoring it like a juice. After heart surgery Yeltsin, already in the rank of the Russian president on the advice of doctors he limits himself to small doses of red wine or beer.