How to be able to operate throughout the day: 6 tips specifically for "owls"

Stop agonizing and fruitless attempts to become an early riser - Psychologist.

How to be able to operate throughout the day: 6 tips specifically for

Working breakfasts, morning meetings and a conference call - this world is obviously arranged for the convenience of "larks". You probably know these people - they cheerfully jump with the first rays of the sun and begin to yawn, as soon as evening comes.

Owls also feel a surge of vitality in a different time of day: their time, usually occurs in the afternoon, and sometimes ends after midnight.

Professor of psychology at Penn State Altoona Robert Matchok many years spent in the study of circadian (biological) rhythms and their influence on psychology and human behavior.

He argues that the biological differences between larks and owls do exist. Elevated levels of the hormone melatonin in the body leads to a decrease in its "alert". Owls content of this hormone are usually reduced in the late morning. Also, night owls during the day the body temperature is on average higher than those of the early birds, which also indicates tidal energy at this time.

Most people can not be clearly divided into owls or larks - they hold in this regard somewhere in the middle. Meanwhile, the most productive time for each person, according to the results of research Matchoka, determined by genetics.

"People such as morning wake relatively early with a minimum of" sleepy inertia ", - he explains. - The peak of their productivity accounts for the first half of the day. Night-type people tend to wake up relatively late. If they have to get up early, they observed a strong "sleepy inertia", and in any case their productivity peak in the second half of the day. " Unfortunately, we can not change the existing working hours, in order to please and owls, too. We are not able to rebuild and their biological clock.

But there is good news. In spite of everything, the owl (remaining owl) can work productively throughout the day, slightly changing their habits and the usual order of your life. Here are six secrets that will help to achieve this.

zagotovte eve-do list for the next day

If you're a night owl, and the work you do daily, then you will surely come to work half asleep with a very vague idea about the tasks that you will perform on this day.

Instead of spending the morning in an empty, trying somehow to understand the situation, write to-do list on the eve of the day when you are more energetic and focused - advises psychologist Anita Bruzhez. This list should be as detailed as possible, indicating the high priority:

"Write down the reasons you left off, someone should call in the morning - all that you can do before your brains be switched to full power."

So, following the prearranged plan, you will be able to survive the sleepy morning with the greatest benefit.

The maximum simplify your morning routine

Take a shower, think of what to wear, put everything you need in your bag and prepare breakfast in the evening. So you can save yourself hours of blissful morning sleep, which in turn have a positive impact on mood, concentration and productivity during the first hours of operation.

Of course, not everyone can afford it, but if you have the opportunity to live close to work, then do it. So you still carve out more time for sleep. The extra half an hour for the owls in the morning for the owls are priceless.

Plan on the morning of the projects that can be done "on autopilot"

Not all tasks require the same voltage of the gray matter. Owls is to do the morning chores, which do not require large mental costs. It may be sending out what some emails, registration, writing of expense reports, and monitoring necessary blogs or Web sites, or routine calls. So you leave behind the boring but necessary work, and take over the execution of more complex tasks when you feel full of strength and energy.

Plan the most complex cases in the period of its peak production

Owls better deal compilation of important reports, prepare presentations or hold brainstorming sessions with his team in the second half of the day. But even here there are some nuances:

"Although owls best given the challenges in the late morning than in the first hours of operation, - says Matchok - I would recommend planning it for a while before dinner or the last hours before the end of the working day, as after a heavy meal account several dulled, body temperature and glucose levels fall. So it's not the best time to tackle complex problems. "

Take work home (sadly)

Most owls peak performance for the period from seven to nine in the evening - when the working day is long over. If possible, use their biological characteristics and engage in this time of the decision of the most complicated tasks. This means that you have to take work home, it is an undeniable negative. But in many cases it is worth it - you will cope with the task faster and better than in the morning. Spend the evening one to two hours, but in any case not to stay up late.

"To work after midnight, the next morning when you have to be at work at 9 am - is counterproductive," - says the expert center for training personnel Enerpace, Inc. Executive Coaching from Chicago Helen Kafasso. Most likely, the next day after that you generally will not be able to operate normally.

Ask the boss of the shift work hours for you or provide you with the days when you could work at home

As we have said, even one extra hour of sleep in the morning can help the owl to feel better and more productive work during the day. So it may be necessary to talk with the boss, change your work schedule, for example, from 9 to 5 in the schedule from 10 to 6.

"Instead of having to deal with the biology of adjusting it under the schedule, we can adjust the schedule under the biological clock" - says Matchok.

Not every boss can understand it and go to a meeting, but suddenly you're lucky?

But the best option for the owls - a work from home at least a couple of days a week. Today, this practice is not uncommon.