How many Russian was on the "Titanic"

How many Russian was on the

April 15, 1912 as a result of a collision with an iceberg in the first flight sunk "Titanic." Among its passengers were Russian nationals: peasants, merchants, and even the nobles. How did their fate? Archives say that some managed to escape.

The reaction of Russia

How many Russian was on the

In Russia, from the very beginning is not set with information about the "Titanic." The first reports of the tragedy appeared in the Russian media April 16, 1912, in the "Petersburg Gazette". On the fourth page of the newspaper was a small tip:

"The message from London. Crashed "Titanic" - the ship, which was considered unsinkable. All the passengers are rescued steamer Virginian, caused by the wireless telegraph. The vessel afloat and goes slowly to the nearest port Galiafan ".

Russian press has not only remained in blissful ignorance. signal strength, which is transmitted by the vessel "Carpathia", the first to arrive at the crash site, only wanted to Canada. Only the next day, the whole world learned about the real scale of the disaster.

How many Russian was on the

And then it started. Russian press persistently criticized the creators, a team captain. April 20 all the same "Gazette" published an article "Titanic" correspondent, hiding from us under the pseudonym Yves. March. The article is full of tragic pathos and moral, that the man should consider himself the crown of nature, "" Titanic, "died of a luxury. The builders did not think about the means of salvation ... Was it possible to conceive of some crash? Is killing the Titans? ".

In the same issue of the author echoed another journalist: "Our icebreaker" Ermak "scissor cuts icy crust of considerable thickness, and" Titanic "crashed into the boulder."

About Russian passengers of "Titanic" - a word. Even in the official condolences and calls to the affected countries of our ministers - Rodzianko Timasheva no mention of Russian citizens. As if he was not at all.

False information

How many Russian was on the

In the meantime, Russian on the "Titanic" have been, even though their number is not known.

Russian archivists argue that the number of passengers with passports of the Russian Empire reached hundreds.

Writer Michael Pazin in "to Russian" Titanic "refers to at least twenty. Rostov by Vladimir Potapov, a nephew of the missing passenger Ivan Mishin, talking about whole families, who sat on the "Titanic" to be reunited with their loved ones in Uruguay - many people from the common people migrating to America in search of a better life. His record speaks for nineteen natives of Vesyolovsky District, which in France have bought a ticket for the "Titanic." Their names are: Eugene Drapkin, Gennady Slokovsky Mikhail Markov, Philemon Melkevuk Peter Naydenov, Michael Denk, Dmitry Marinko, Konstantin Ivanov, Ivan Minev, Nazar Minkov, Dmitry Nanka, Alexander Radev Ivan Stanev, Timothy edges Nikolay Malinov, Matthew Zotov Evgeny Perkin, Basil Plotosharsky and, already mentioned, Ivan Mishin.

How many Russian was on the

52 name

British archives say about 52 surnames with Russian passports. However, many of these names are not included in the official list. Where could take non-compliance. The fact that the precise lists have gone down with the ship, passengers names are reconstructed from the remains of the documents. In addition, most Russian names written wrongly - language features. Therefore, today the fate of our fellow citizens on the "Titanic" covered with darkness, and finally broke off all the threads together with the death of his contemporaries.

Lost Soul

The absence of names mentioned may be explained by the fact that people sailed illegally. A ticket for the "Titanic" was not a cheap pleasure. Place in the third class cost from 3 to 8 pounds, which by today's standards is about 500 dollars. An expensive luxury for a simple Russian peasant. Or any other reason is there? As if anticipating trouble, people are initially reluctant to take tickets for the new ship. Therefore, the "White Star" company had to transfer some passengers to other, more filled flights - for the sake of prestige. We did it in a hurry and did not have time to re-register all. Hence the "lost souls".

How many Russian was on the

History Michael Kuchiev

But in the history of Russian "Titanic" there are examples out of the ordinary. For example, the case with Michael Kuchiev, swashbuckling young man 24 years of the North Caucasus. He went to America to "cut down the forest," says his daughter, to make a "wife, a house and a horse." Naturally, he was swimming in the third grade. On the eve of the disaster he had "something not eat", why I woke up in the middle of the night and went up on deck to get some fresh air. But coming out of the cabin, I found that all of the compartment outlets for the third class are blocked, and the top is clearly going to panic. Somehow, he managed to break up. But in the boat a man from the third class on the night it was ordered - saved only women and children. Therefore, according to Michael, he put on a life jacket and jumped into the water, where he managed to cling to some kind of chip. Soon he saw a drowning woman and took her to a makeshift raft. What is not a Hollywood story "Titanic"? His fellow traveler and rescued the crew of the ship came to the rescue with the "Carpathia". After a long time he had been treated in Canada for the money the company received $ 200 compensation. Then he returned to Russia. "Too beautiful story to be true" - dubbed this event the foreign media. They have reason to doubt - not in the list of shrunken, any saved lists, not even on the list of patients of the hospital where he was allegedly held, there is no record to his name. But there is a legend that became the property of his relatives in North Ossetia.

The nobility nobleman

Russian were not only among passengers, but also among the crew. We are talking about an elderly nobleman, retired Captain Mikhail Mikhailovich Yulia Zhadovskaya. For feats in the Russian-Turkish war, he was awarded two Orders of St. Anne 3rd and 4th degrees, but the heroic past did not save him from financial problems. In 1911, on a secular reception in Paris, he became acquainted with J. Bruce Ismay, managing director of the company "White Star", who recommended him to the place of the main cashier's "Titanic." During the loss of the vessel, he, as the chief cashier had reserved a place in a lifeboat because he was wearing a ticket office and all documentation. But he acted like a real gentleman: transferred value and the boatswain of paper with the words:

"I'll stay with the captain. I have more than 60 years, and still live there is not much money, and without me they reach their destination. "

And then he rushed to help put women and children into the boats. His place in the boat, he gave the French a third-class passenger of Josephine de la Tour. She and family Yulia Zhadovskaya informed of his fate - Mikhail Mikhailovich at the last moment gave her a piece of paper in his hand with his home address.

When the last boat lowered into the water, the passengers saw him standing on the deck with pipe in hand.

Russian Jews

Some publications still have published partial lists of the dead. "Minsk word" refers to the 19 Russian citizens, most of whom were Jews, who went to work in the New World. Here are some names: Simon Litman, Zelman Zlokovsky Simon Weissman, Cantor Zelina ... By the way, no woman by the name Kantor Zelina was not listed on the "Titanic". This is an example of an unsuccessful transfer name. For Zelin worth Joshua Cantor, who traveled second class Cantor and his wife, Miriam. That night, the couple parted forever, Joshua did not survive. His body appeared in the list at number 283.

How many Russian was on the

among Russian Jews there are also dark horses.

The list includes the name of David Livshin, 25-year-old jeweler from Russia, who founded the watch business in Manchester. He bought a ticket under number 374 887, why then on the name of Abraham Harmer. Why was this conspiracy - is unknown. Perhaps he was not lucky outbid ticket with it. Like most of the passengers of the third class, he did not survive the crash.

"Burma" in a hurry to the aid of

How many Russian was on the

Few people know that when "Titanic" was sending SOS signals or CQD (Come Quick, Danger), among other vessels responded liner "Burma", owned by Russian East Asian shipping company.

According to the captain, "Burma" was somewhere 100 miles from "Titanic", and the ship can get to the crash site through 7 hours after receiving the signal SOS (23:45).

"Titanic" completely immersed in water for about two nights. At 3:30 in the morning to help the victims arrived, "Carpathia". "Burma" does not appear even to the appointed time. The vessel is plagued with failures. At first, they did not immediately realize what kind of a ship by the acronym M.G.Y. question, and when got to the alleged crash site, the way they blocked the iceberg. In the end, when the ship arrived to the place of death of the liner, "Carpathia" has already saved those who could still be saved. According to the ship's log "Burma", the captain turned to the captain, "Carpathia" and asked if they needed any help. The answer was not too delicate: "Shut up" (! Shut up), then Burma has returned to its former course.

Jack Russian idea Cameron

I passed century, and the collapse of "Titanic" continued to haunt the minds of people. The tragedy inspired, made films about it, wrote volumes of books, composed poems. Particularly fueled interest inaccessibility of the sunken ship, which dropped to 4 km in the depths of the ocean. Only at the end of the XX century, people had the opportunity to get to it. Leaders in diving to the "Titanic" became Russian scientists submersibles "Mir". That they own submarine shooting, it is the "world" director Cameron got the idea to shoot his legendary film-catastrophe. In 1991, together with Anatoly Sagalevich, chair of submersibles, he fell to the legends of the wreckage, where the conversation took place between them: "Jack, - said Anatoly, - the last time I did not see any normal American film. Show how then, in 1912, people were sailing on the "Titanic" as they like it, they then behave during a crash. " "Yeah, I guess you're right, - said Cameron. It will be a love story. "