They look like real houses without a single angle

With all the piety of the people's wisdom, we have to admit that saying "No house is not built corners, it is not without the proverbial rumor" in the first part of its longer irrelevant. Increasingly, people from different nations are round, oval and spherical building, avoiding the corners.

The "Skaidi"

They look like real houses without a single angle

It is hard to imagine that just five years ago, there was an ordinary country house originally from the Soviet Union - an upgraded cabins. However, the way it was. In times of stagnation settle in this area a couple of doctors with children. Then the children grew up, the world has changed, and the house came into disrepair.

Two years it took the hostess area Olga Kochunevoy to decide on a new construction. It could have increased the average house here, if not in the eyes zemlevladelitse came across an article about a spherical house. And now - the first home-dome in the suburbs.

Olga, the doctor-rehabilitator, originally wanted to build an unusual summer house, where forgets the city and managed to recuperate over the weekend. The spherical shape of the home meets all the needs of the hostess: a large living room, high ceilings, a bedroom for the family of Olga and her son. He lives near the family's daughter, so that the people in the house, always a lot of ball.

Draft Kevin Cooper Garden Design

They look like real houses without a single angle

You've probably already seen the photos - a collection like "14 fabulous gardens of the world" not to publish just lazy. Indeed, the thought of Cinderella's carriage or, in extreme cases, the characters "X-Files" arise by themselves. In fact, all the more prosaic.

This garden designed landscape designers of the company Kevin Cooper, based in Northern Ireland. Specialization Kevin - beautiful trees, but not at home. Spectacular house in the form of spheres - a covered pergola. Pavilion mobile, it can be easily rearranged. Inside - a table, electricity, circular sofa for 14 seats, a compartment for household or audiovideotehniki.

The project Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, Echo Living

architectural bureau

They look like real houses without a single angle

The oval-shaped hut on high wooden legs - a kind of "tree house", not only for children, and for lovers. This secluded, fully self-contained accommodation in a remote mountain forest. Great place for those who want to escape from the world and enjoy each other's company.

The house consists of three inter-cloud capsules - two of them is a living space, located in the third generators and batteries charged by the sun.

Instead of the large windows through which inevitably would escape the heat, architect Sam Booth offered to do a lot of little loopholes windows, through which open landscape fragments. However, there is a large picture window over the bed - you can watch the stars.

The project architect Leon Meyer

They look like real houses without a single angle

Goldkleng Julian and his wife Desiree adore 60s. When they offered to buy a round house, built in 1967 by Leon Meyer, they do not hesitate. Immediately evident - it is a dream house.

Architect Leon Meyer in the 50-70-ies of the last century, built a series of round houses in the Bay area of ​​San Francisco. The one that got Julian and Desiree, called "Noland". Externally, a vertically standing cylinder with a circular zigzag roof, if folded like an accordion. Area home - more than 100 square meters. There is a living room, kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The new owners, of course, furnished the home furnishings and various trinkets come from the 60's.

Project Randy Colwell Monticello Bureau Custom Homes and Remodeling

They look like real houses without a single angle

Round grain silos in the US state of Missouri is complete. In these local farmers dry wheat and corn, and the McDowell family - lives. Mark and Kelly - designers, the husband is engaged in furniture, wife - interiors. Initially, the couple wanted to build a bunker from the old guest house, later the plan changed - bought a new tank, but the house did not guest and master's. A metal cylinder with a cone-shaped roof of the building is the center and its own living area, located around various utility rooms. Its total area - about 200 square meters.

Project Grain Bin Residence designer Nick Pancheau, AIA

They look like real houses without a single angle

If you think that there is only one residential grain tank in the US, you are wrong. They are at least a dozen. Keith Morris, former art teacher, dreamed of living in such a child. And the dream a reality: Kate's father passed away, bequeathing her 25 acres of desert prairies in Montana, and she immediately got a big bunker, believing that quickly turn it into a home without assistance.

Eight years of the bunker stood idle, while the teacher is not retired. At some point, she remembered his former student who became an architect. He agreed to help.

The hopper is divided into two floors. Below - a workshop, guest bathroom and technical rooms on the second floor - living room, kitchen, bedroom and master's bathroom.

Project Go Glamping

They look like real houses without a single angle

Jim Milligan and Nicola Meakin dreamed of a spectacular country house where you can live in harmony with nature. To realize his dream, they had to settle in the birch thicket on the edge of the west coast of Scotland.

Sturdy prefabricated house stands on a wooden platform. Outwardly, it resembles a dome in steel cells - the membrane is made of recycled PVC with a lifetime of 25 years. Part of the cells are made transparent, and some - blind, coated with anti-ultraviolet radiation. Inside - the open space with different functional areas. One of the most attractive places in the house - a cedar tub with panoramic window. There is something to see. On the cliff can be seen not only the waters of the Atlantic, but also the medieval castle, near where the shooting took place the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

Omnidome Project

They look like real houses without a single angle

Another serial dome home project called Domehouse came up with the South Korean architects. Do not look at his infantile appearance, especially in such a fruit and berry form. This frame structure of glass fiber withstood the test of arctic winds and tropical downpours.

Easy mobile home is going to four hours, is waterproof and is not afraid of rust. Initially, the manufacturers proposed to use these homes as emergency housing and tourism or for business purposes - for example, at trade shows. But it turned out, many people are willing to live in these "balls" all year round. The diameter of the hemisphere - six meters, height - 3, 7 m, area - 30 square meters.

Platform 5 Architects The project is

They look like real houses without a single angle

This summer house in the shape of a curl - multifunction room. On the one hand - an office in the garden, which has built a hostess, to write a book. On the other - open shed for storing garden tools. Now I understand why the construction jokingly called Shoffice - from the junction of the English word "spade" and "office".

Architect Patrick Mitchell, designed the whorl, take into account all the wishes ordered it - it is primarily not want the structure resembled a barn. Michelle built a two-layer construction - sheathed wooden slats slatted frame, inside built a small desk, wardrobe and shelves. Glazed gable allows undisturbed observe outer space. The landlady's children chosen for a cozy wooden terrace games.

Project Helliwell + Smith | Blue Sky Architecture

They look like real houses without a single angle

Holly and Paul McNally once lived in the city and kept a bookshop until their eyes did not fall photos from the park reservation Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. Picturesque landscapes captured booksellers so hard that soon the couple moved to the island of Sydney, having built a house overlooking the bay. The house has an unusual layout: it resembles an atrium on top of the round form with an open courtyard. All residential and non-residential premises looped. Through the glass wall gets maximum sunlight. The house has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an office, kitchen, living room and, of course, a large library. In addition, there was a place for the woodworking shop floor where he makes furniture.


They look like real houses without a single angle

House called Radius House was built over 50 years ago, but today looks very modern. Its unusual shape he owes to the architect Daniel Lieberman, one of the first evangelists of the "green" construction and reusable materials.

Daniel before the others realized that building with panoramic windows on the perimeter and a glass roof receives more solar energy than usual. This means that you can save on heating and electricity. Finally, the architect was drawn to organic shapes and angles in nature are rare. As a result, in the green hills of California surrounded by redwoods came round the house with a framework of wood of local breeds and different parts recycling - elements of bridges and even military aircraft. Recently, the house has gone through a major renovation, but its present owners, Andrew Kim and Todd Lieberman spared concept.