Mysterious hair color "coffee with milk"

Mysterious hair color


This season hair color "coffee with milk", which introduced many photos of women deceived by its diversity, has gained immense popularity. If you have decided to refresh its image, changing the hairstyle, choose this color. There is much debate as to which is the same shade of: blond, brown or brunette? It is better to start from the fact that the "coffee with milk" - a kind of blonde. After all, this is clearly a light color. The proportions of milk and coffee can be different, but in the end it is still a light tone.

was painted in the cabin

To get the perfect hair color "coffee with milk", you should use the services of professionals in the cabin. There will pick up special funds specifically for your type of curls to make perfectly smooth tone. Color "coffee with milk" perfect lie solely on bleached hair. Only holders of a natural very light blond can avoid this procedure. This shade is considered to be difficult, so often to create it is necessary to mix the different colors that only a professional can do brilliantly. It is worth remembering, and that over time, flushing, the color acquires a golden hue.

Mysterious hair color

Pets procedure

Hair the color of coffee with milk is washed off quickly enough, so need constant tinting at home. You can use the so-called paint. It significantly improves the condition of hair, strengthens the roots and smooth out split ends. In addition, the paint will give your hair a delicate pink-beige shade. Recipe is best to use after the first salon dyeing hair color "coffee with milk". To paint you need four tablespoons of large leaf tea, three spoonfuls of coffee and two tablespoons of cocoa. Fill all the boiling water and cook for about half an hour. Then we insist for three hours. That's the whole recipe! To make the paint nutritional properties, add the yolks to two and three teaspoons of burdock oil. Color is very soft and gentle, and her hair is shiny and well groomed, have a seductive scent. For long and thick curls need to increase the amount of ingredients. Add to more nutrients according to your favorite recipe.

Color Effect

Hair color "coffee with milk" significantly refresh your image, giving it a romantic and easy. In addition, the owners of this fascinating shades are very warm and pastel colors in clothes. With simple and affordable prescription paint at home hair is really easy to care for, they are permanently preserve pristine interior color. Also use different conditioners for hair and softening mask, avoid salty or chlorinated water, direct sunlight - so hair color "coffee with milk" will be safer to stay. It is best to use a special moisturizing and protective hair sprays, which will help preserve the color longer.

Mysterious hair color


For long hair, dyed so ideal decoration-pins in the form of artificial flowers. Especially such hairpin becomes striking element in the evening or romantic ensemble. Do not be afraid to experiment with the degree of light shades - experts say that this color is suitable for many types.