Cry from the heart of why we need to respect the native language

• Soul Creek about why it is necessary to respect the mother tongue

Cry from the heart of why we need to respect the native language

The number of books read is gradually transformed into the letter quality. Actively read the children to class 5 are discovering that they do not need to know the rules to write competently. The rest of the way through the Russian spelling, cursing her confusion and inconsistency.

Spelling and grammar should be taught in school. Then - later.

What can you talk to a person who, having the Abitur, says "try", "theirs" and "devchyonka"? Which is wrong in "-tsya" and "-tsya"? That, apart from blatant stupidity, prevent him from writing a verb, mentally ask yourself the question "what to do?" Or "What?".

Something about the author's punctuation. It does not exist.

At least as long as the writer is not aware of precisely what distinguishes compound sentence from of a complex, the sacrament of the adjective, in which cases a comma before the "how", why in some cases it is necessary to use a colon, and in others - a dash.

Incidentally, the dot instead of a comma punctuation is not the author. For example: "I'm sitting on the windowsill ... ... and I see that the rain outside the window ... ... fine and nasty as ever in this city ..." This is an attempt vanilla girls give for the melancholy uncertain handling of punctuation . No, it's not snobbery, because the language is not a thing, not personal qualities, not property, much less is not a way to rise above the others.

Language - another means of understanding the world as a vision or hearing.

Why are people who would never come to mind to take his own view, deliberately deprive themselves of the language?

Where this is "why write correctly - we are not on the exam?"

Why, standing before the mirror in the morning, no one thinks, "I'll wear sweat pants - we are not at a fashion show," or "I will not brush your teeth - we are not breathing in the fresh competition"?

Why do people who do not come to mind to take his own hearing, quietly write "creaking heart"? Where they heard the creak of a heart?

Ridiculous excuses: but I know the physics, and you?

Language is not a profession. It is a means of communication. For physicists, mathematicians, linguists, artists, miners, turners.

Perhaps the only reliable means of communication with the world.