Hair color Brown back in fashion

Hair color Blonde common in women of Slavic type. He is now in vogue, but more recently he was considered a "homely" and gray. Many fair-haired beauty gets rid of it, repainting often blondes, considering that this color is the most attractive. Indeed, men are often attracted to blondes, light color - a sign of femininity. With age, the natural brown hair color darkens. This is especially noticeable in women aged 45 - 50 years, due to changes in their hormonal levels. This is one factor that causes women to be clarified. They did not stop even then that this procedure greatly damage the structure of hair and destroys the pigment.

Hair color Brown back in fashion

No experimentation!

The light natural blond color hair, the easier it is to lighten up. Light brown hair are susceptible to oxidants are better than dark-brown hair. Therefore it is strongly recommended not to experiment at home, achieving a light color, and immediately see a specialist in the salon, otherwise you risk damaging the hair. Also, do not resort to bleaching procedure if you have previously painted with henna or damaged hair (eg, perm). If, nevertheless, you decide to get a hair color Brown, first select the desired hue. In this case, you can try on a wig. If this is not possible, you should remember:

  • If you are the owner of gray or blue eyes, then you will approach the cold ash, platinum and pearl shades;
  • dark skin and brown eyes perfectly with golden and honey tones. Hair color Brown back in fashion

to And can weave ?

After selecting a color, you need to decide which method to lighten closer to you. Natural remedies can lighten hair on the 1-2 pitch, no more than if this option does not suit you, it is better to use special chemicals to lighten (with their help, clarification will be on 6-7 tones). If you have previously dyed hair, natural remedies are powerless. If your hair color is brown and you discolors the hair first, then remember the following.

  1. The hair roots are clarified much faster, so a means for clarification should be applied to the tip;
  2. The process time of discoloration can be from 30 to 50 minutes, it all depends on the desired color and the original color of hair. Hair color Brown back in fashion

Save your color

Revive the color of hair, give them volume and freshness is capable of dyeing procedure, which takes place during the clarification of individual strands. Highlighting can not be done if you have previously dyed hair with henna, do perm. Before bleaching strands better than 2 - 3 days not to wash your hair. Note that the highlighting on the damaged hair will make them dull and inconspicuous. Hair color Brown are now coming into fashion, along with the tendency of all natural and natural, so do not rush to get rid of it - come back will be very difficult. Brown staining color can be made only in the cabin with the participation of professional hairdressers and cost, such a procedure would be very expensive.