How do I know what you've got talent

How do I know what you've got talent

"Do I have any talent?", "What if I was doing the wrong thing?", "All of a sudden I have a completely different purpose?" - These questions plagued many people, regardless of age.

Highlight a bit of time to understand yourself. The more you delay this process, the longer you continue to dwell in ignorance and doubts about their way of life.

We offer you to get acquainted with the effective technique psychologist Ivan Pirogov, entitled "Analysis of human destiny." Take a pen and a piece!

Step number 1. Call your dream

The first thing to do - is to remember all their dreams come true: what you dreamed as a child, as a teenager, in school, in college, in an adult life. Up to the present moment.

Write them down.

Step number 2. We share the "have" and "to be"

So dreams are listed. It's time to divide them into categories "have" and "to be".

Dreams from "have" - ​​it is the dream of owning anything.

Dreams of the category of "be" - dreams in which you see yourself in any role.

Now write down the category of "be" in a separate column, further work will be only with him.

Step number 3. What is causing your internal response?

Remember, if you feel a special thrill when observing people a particular profession? We would like to be in their place? Record.

Step number 4. What do you like to do?

The list, obtained in the previous steps, add all of the activities that bring you pleasure. What do you like to do in your childhood? As a teenager? In the older age? What are the processes and actions deliver you joy now?

Step number 5. Discard all unnecessary

Now check all recorded dreams on "an emotional response". To do this consistently visualize each item from the list of "to be" and listen to the feelings and emotions arise. Visualize the need in the first person. Enter the desired role that we dream about. Imagine that this role is already your reality. What are you doing at this moment? What do you do? What you see and hear? And finally, what you feel at this?

Once you have entered the role, pay attention to emotions and feelings. Then assess the power of emotions from 0 to 10.

Step number 6. Ruthlessly cross out

Now cross off dream, received in the previous step the lowest scores. This is a dream from which you can now just give up forever. They are no longer relevant to you at the moment.

Step number 7. Grouping characteristics

So, before you a real list of your innate tendencies formulated in the form of dreams. At this stage, they are randomly piled in a heap. Look carefully at the list and answer the questions: what are the items on this list can be grouped together? which items may be closely related to one another?

For example, there are items on your list: "I want to travel around the country," "I want to be a writer," and "I want to learn foreign languages." It's clear that the desire to travel between countries is very well combined with a desire to learn languages. A desire to write a book may be closely associated with travel. As a result, all three points beautifully complement each other.

Step number 8. Give the names of the groups

Look for sale items and give the name of each group. The title should talk about your innate talents, which spawned a chain of interconnected dreams. For example: "The ability to search for information, finding answers and solving the mysteries", "The ability to help people," and so on.

Step number 9. We are looking for communication between groups

We're almost done! It remains to understand how groups relate to each other. To do this, write down the group received in a separate list.

Look at the list and think about the existence of one group supports the existence of the other? Practice shows that the group always have a mutually supportive links.

Step number 10. We are looking for the use of their talents

Think about and write down all the possible options for the implementation of their talents in the real world. What kind of profession or activity? Maybe your talents suited to different professions at the same time? The more options, the better.

11. Step number finally determined with things you love life!

We write down a list of possible uses for their talents? Now great rate each item of the resulting list on the ten-point scale. 10 - this is a very desirable option. 0 - this is the least acceptable option.

Then you finally cleared a specific direction, which is really worth your attention. This direction will bring you success, happiness in life and, of course, a good income. After all, when you know that you definitely have this talent, things are going with confidence and enthusiasm.