Rules of life Yuri Nikulin

• Rules of life Yuri Nikulin

Rules of life Yuri Nikulin

I'm used to be a clown.

I only have two drawbacks. Poor memory and something else.

When I was blamed for the fact that I badly remember dates, mother, protecting me, saying: "Yura bad memory, do not scold him." "Well, yes, bad - minded father. - Once remember all the jokes, so have a good memory. "

How I envied other children, when they have bikes! I dreamed of a bicycle. And once I bought three lottery ticket "Avtodor" half a ruble. And my ticket won a bike! But the payoff could be obtained and the money - a hundred and fifty rubles. At home there was no money. Mom said, "Listen, take the money, and we want you to buy his father after." - "I know I do not buy." - "Buy!" Do not buy ...

Buy your man pants - the sacred right of every woman.

WHEN I began to court his future wife, she proudly announced close: acquainted with the artist. All enlightened: and out of the theater? "He works in a circus. clown "

WEAK Always yield to the strongest, and only the strongest give way to all.

In the first days of war on our territory we were thrown Germans, disguised as police officers, the Soviet military, railway workers. Many of them were caught. They said there was, and such a case. German, dressed in Soviet military uniforms walked along Sestroretsk. It suddenly out of the corner came a Soviet general. German confused and instead send their greetings to his cap, threw his hand forward, as did the Nazis. He was immediately arrested.

This is the worst, when people kill people. I have letters with the most incredible addresses. "Moscow, the biggest theater. Nikulin, "" Moscow. Kremlin. Nikulin ". And was the following address: "The postman, send this letter to the actor Nikulin, who played in many Kinakh." And all of these letters reached the addressee.

First saw myself on screen, I was dumbfounded. "Do I like this?" - I was amazed. Not considering himself a handsome man, I, in general, it is thought that a normal person look, but here on the screen a complete moron with a nasal voice, with bad diction.

POPULAR MOVIES me to do. The audience saw me dunce, and I played up to the public.

WONDERFUL treat to its popularity. I sit once again on the bench. There is a woman, is snotty boy. Suddenly stops dead in her tracks in front of me and exclaimed, turning to his son: "Know ?!" He picks his nose and silent. She: "Do you recognize? Well? "Silent. "Well ... Yuri, Yuri ..." silent. She: "Well, remember ... Yuri ..." The boy pushes the "Gagarin". She indignantly and frustrated, "Well, what are you! Yuri Popov. " I am silent. I rejoice.

COMEDY - a serious matter.

I will not forget, when came to Moscow Marcel Marceau. After the speech, he - this tired - all the autographs. Even the reporter asked: "Tell me, Monsieur Marceau, it's probably terrible? You are so tired, all wet, but you have yet to give autographs? "He replied:" Yes, you know, it's tough and not so nice, but it would be much worse if not asked for autographs. " I liked it.

Life is so full and generous, that person will always find where your fill swallowed. I was taught to drive DRIVER WITH "Mosfilm". At the first study visit, I ran exactly on the shovel janitor, he hath covered me with obscenities and strebovat three rubles for vodka. At the first independent road police fined me.

NEVER take revenge on sneaky PEOPLE. Just become happy. They do not survive.

We flew from Australia HOME. On-rotor aircraft. Thirty-six hours! I then well understand why Australia has never fought.

Touring in a foreign country, we got to the reception at the Soviet Embassy. After receiving the ambassador, taking me by the hand, led to his office. "Now something to show - he said, opened the safe and took out a box of film: - This is your" Dog Mongrel ". Keep it in a safe, to longer preserved. On holidays, we look at it all the embassy. But the main thing - to show to foreigners before the business negotiation. They laugh, and then it is easier to negotiate with them. "

Laughter - a joy. Cause laughter - pride for me.

I AM A MAN unpretentious me very little needs to be happy. Recently, on the street, one woman shouted: "What luck! I bought a smoked sausage ten rubles! "She was a true happiness on his face! And I was happy, looking at her.

Happiness - it's very simple. I get up in the morning. My wife and I drink coffee. Breakfast. And I'm going to work in the circus. Then I worked in a circus. In the evening I return home. We're having dinner with his wife. Drinking tea. And I'm going to bed.

LIFE PEOPLE takes away an awful lot of time.

To fifty years old, I lived in a communal apartment. Nowhere I did not write and did not ask for anything, because a quarter of circus performers even had a residence permit. And we still had as many as two rooms at me, wife, son, and mother of his wife. Once in a thousand years, God comes down to earth and inviting to his three rulers of the leading countries. And he answers them one question. And before him Thatcher, Reagan and Gorbachev. Reagan asked: "How many years in the United States will have the same life as you do in the garden?" God took out his notebook and looked, and said: "After 27 years". Reagan upset: "I will not live ..." The second Thatcher: "And when we begin to live in paradise?" God said, "After 35 years". Thatcher let the tears: "Sorry, I do not see ..." The third was our Mikhail Gorbachev: "Well, in Russia when paradise is? "God began to cry:" I will not live ... ".

Loudest silence is required.

More I do not go out into the arena. I could still work, but, as said Leonid Cliffs is better to leave the scene three years earlier than one day later.

YOUR TIME I have already played, and now - the extra time.

WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT DEATH - scary. Somewhere beneath the surface, I think, further, there is - nothing. But subconsciously I think that maybe the point part of my, let's call it, the soul of my existence, it may be, go anywhere.

My hobby - LIVE.

On one track NIGHT OF TWO CITIES TOWARDS EACH OTHER LEAVE TWO TRAINS. They rush at each other, not knowing that they were going on the same track. And yet they do not occur. Do you know why? It's not meant to be!