Insanely expensive things

So far, thousands of manufacturers around the world strive to make as much as possible cheap goods, which buy millions of people, there are a small number of manufacturers that create an exclusive product for a very, very narrow circle of buyers. So sellers do not need to worry about the numbers, they make only one instance, the purchase of which will provide them with a profit of millions of dollars, and be sure the buyer must exist.

Insanely expensive things

Chess Charles Hollander

Price: $ 600,000 (~ 2 068 million rubles)

Seven luxury chess, inlaid with 320 carats of black and white diamonds

Insanely expensive things

Burger "Le Burger Extravagant"

Price: $ 295 (~ 10, 2 thousand rubles)

Sold in Serendipity 3. Burger fed with pure gold, and toothpick, diamond encrusted

Insanely expensive things

Vehicle 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

Price: $ 35 million (~ 1, 206 billion rubles)

The most expensive car ever sold was bought by a private collector in the United Kingdom

Insanely expensive things


daguerreotype camera Susse Freres

Price: $ 775 thousand (about 26, 7 million rubles)

Daguerreotype camera Susse Freres was made in 1839 and sold at auction in 2007, it is the oldest manufacturer for the sale of the camera in the world

Insanely expensive things

Number Royal Penthouse Suite at the President Wilson in Geneva

Price: $ 65 000 per night (~ 2.240 million rubles)

This room consists of 10 rooms and 7 bathrooms

Insanely expensive things

TV PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition

Price: $ 2, 3 million (~ 79, 264 million rubles)

Body is covered with crocodile skin, studded with diamonds. A capacity for enjoyment regardless of whether the TV is on or not

Insanely expensive things

Pianos Heintzman Crystal

Price: $ 3 220 million (~ 111 million rubles)

Made in Beijing, it was bought by a private individual

Insanely expensive things

Cigars Gurkha Black Dragon

Price: $ 1150 for each (~ 40 thousand rubles)

Constructed in 2006, these cigars from Honduras are delivered in a chest made of camel bone

Insanely expensive things

Motorcycle Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike

Price: $ 700,000 (~ 24, 124 million rubles)

Four-monster weighing 680 kg accelerates from 0 to 96 km, and 2, 5 seconds, a maximum speed of over 480 km / h

Insanely expensive things

Opening of Chopard Haute Joaillerie by

Price: $ 25 million (~ 861, 564 million rubles)

Insanely expensive things

Champagne: Heidsieck Monopole, 1907

Price: $ 25,000 (~ 861 564 thousand rubles)

In the late 90's underwater search party I came across an old wreck, in which 2,000 bottles of French champagne were found

Insanely expensive things

Audio "Transmission Audio Ultimate System"

Price: $ 2 million (~ 68, 925 million rubles)

The entire set weighs about 5 tons and is made of aircraft grade aluminum

Insanely expensive things

Picture "Number 5", 1948

Price: $ 140 million (~ 4 824 billion rubles)

blobs of paint on the canvas by Jackson Pollock

Insanely expensive things

Photo Rhein II (Rhine 2)

Price: $ 4, 3 million (~ 148 RUB 189 million)

Photo taken by German photo artist Andreas Gursky in 1999. In 2011, the picture was sold at Christie's auction in New York for $ 4, $ 3 million

Insanely expensive things

The yacht "History Supreme"

Price: $ 4, 8 billion (~ 165, 420 billion rubles)

In the creation of a yacht has been used by more than 100 000 kg of gold, it is decorated with all sorts of exotic and insanely expensive things - from dinosaur bones to tiny meteorites. The yacht is owned by an anonymous businessman from Malaysia, maybe it's Robert Kuok