Rules of Life by Andrei Konchalovsky

• Rules of Life of Andrei Konchalovsky

Rules of Life by Andrei Konchalovsky

Androna I'm called my grandfather. And when I called Andron journalist, I want to give it on the nozzle. I Andrey Sergeyevich.

Are you interested in the amount of accumulated experience? Once a Zen teacher gathered his disciples, to share with them the amount of experience. He opened his mouth, and this time on a twig bird sat and sang. The teacher looked at the bird and heard, and all sat and listened. He finished singing bird and flew away. Master said the lesson is over. So this was the sum of the experience gained. More than a bird who sang, you can not tell. And I'll tell you about something else.

Evacuated to Alma-Ata during the war I do not remember much. I only remember Eisenstein, corridor, titanium in the end of the hallway, a wooden gun, which I did, and butter that melted in his pocket. I really liked it, and I have a piece in his pocket, and it melted.

I am every day to do something for which I am ashamed.

The last time I fought when I was 15. Probably fighting over the girl, though the girl that I do not remember. And I remember the boy - his name was Volodya. Here, in Nikolina Gora, we broke each other shirts. In general, I do not know how to solve the problem with his fists. This is a very male trait I, obviously, is not peculiar. Men are always six.

THIS Tolstoy said: "The girls love to be squeezed." It's not I said.

RUSSIAN man can only love and hate. A European man can, basically, be respected. Russian does not respect anyone.

I'm RUSSIAN, but I'm European, Russian.

Almost three years to make a living, I sell HOLLYWOOD caviar, which he brought to the big banks. I helped Milos Forman - packed up together. He and Jerome Hellman - producer of "Midnight Cowboy." We sold packaged caviar and then the stars. It was necessary for something to live.

One has to live in a relatively unfavorable conditions - then he is a man. The absolute wealth makes a man an animal, and comes barbarism - modern barbarism.

You could say that I had an easy life. I repeat for the Leo Tolstoy: "I have never stooped for a piece of bread."

Public baths - an institute of communication, male or female, is an institution of convergence. A personal bath - an institution of self-love. I belong to the Description "private bath".

DEATH TO LIFE creep imperceptibly. If you do not know about the existence of the death in an emergency situation, it creeps into your consciousness slowly. It's like a soft knock on the door that you are a long time do not want to notice. I am afraid of death, because I have a desire. As long as there is desire, people are afraid of death. And when there is no desire - stops.

I did not play with his grandson. I do not like to play with children, because I'm not interested. I love to play with children who have years of 16, that's when I start to play with them.

I Whistler, like whistling, and no superstition I have. Whistle - it's just a vibration of sound waves.

I CAN NOT say that I know WORDS new anthem by heart. I remember the old and the new have not learned. When asked if I had any sins, I will answer, I do not know the new anthem.

One time it was dear to me subject was the Coke bottle, which his father had brought from America. For six months she stood on a shelf, and I did not dare to open it, and then he decided to have a drink. Well, soap - and all. Sweet soap.

WORLD villain no more. The main villain of today - it's political correctness. This it generates absolute mediocrity - in politics and in everything else.

BIRD says something about what we can not say the word, and it is the greatest knowledge.

To be honest, my favorite dish - a mayonnaise.