Protein diet diet: benefit or harm

Initially protein diet for weight loss, drying and muscle building exclusively used by bodybuilders professional competitor preparation.

Protein diet diet: benefit or harm

Later on its menu a bit simplified and corrected, added a bit of carbohydrate and have suggested it as the most effective method of weight loss for people who are not very involved in sports. The recommended diet duration - two weeks. When a long-term use, it can cause digestive problems and kidney. Protein diet for weight loss - a godsend for lovers of fish and meat, but the bread and sweet still have to give up.

How It Works

During protein diet swiftly takes the weight and volume. This is due to the fact that, firstly the proteins are not retained in the body fluid. Accordingly, the first weight is reduced because of this. Secondly, there is a rearrangement to a different organism digestive rhythm with this diet. The body is in excess protein ingested, but sorely lacking in fat and carbohydrates. It is known that during exercise carbohydrates are burned first, and then later calories. In this case, the body begins to burn calories directly. And, of course, it should be noted that the proteins are digested for a long time, so the feeling of hunger during this diet is practically not present.

Protein foods as a source of weight loss

Protein diet diet: benefit or harm

What is included in the menu of this miracle diet? First of all, it is foods high in protein: meat, fish, dairy products and eggs.


Beef and veal. It contains 28 g of protein. Since this product is harsh, it is better to give away his prolonged heat treatment: boil or stew. turkey fillet contains '25 It's a little dryly, so it is recommended to cook from it steam cutlets and stew. Chicken breast (18 g) is quite affordable and relatively inexpensive product. There are plenty of simple and healthy recipes, which include chicken.


tuna most high-protein (23, 5 g). Even canned in its own juice, it is a dietary and useful product. Pink salmon (21 g). When choosing fresh fish, should pay attention to its color: it should be pale pink. Trout contains 17 g of protein. The meat of this fish is small in the number of bones and low in cholesterol. It can be fried and baked. Sturgeon (29 g) - the product is not for every day, but sometimes it is worth to pamper yourself. Shrimp (22 g) used separately or included in the salad and soups.


Protein diet for weight loss should be sure to include in your menu eggs (13 g). Cooking is simple and fast, but they are useful in composition for sportsmen and for slimming people. The day you can eat no more than 5 eggs, but this amount contains enough useful information.


Garnish best prepared from white kidney beans, brown polished rice, buckwheat or oatmeal. Refuel porridge oil is impossible, as the dietary food should be.

and sour milk products

Well, and what kind of protein diet for weight loss without kefir and cottage? These products not only contain protein, they are rich in calcium and other equally important trace elements and vitamins.

Protein diet diet: benefit or harm

Contraindications and cons protein diet

Called protein diet right and balanced diet is hardly possible. The thing is that excess protein leads to problems with the kidneys and digestive system, skin and hair. Such a diet leads to fatigue, insomnia and irritability. For this diet, there are many contraindications, such as gout, goiter, pancreatitis. Adhering to such a diet, you need to remember the water balance: a day is necessary to use more than 1, 5 liters of clean water. So summarize. Protein diet for weight loss: reviews of her professional athletes and people lost weight only positive. It really helps to lose. But here is the opinion of doctors and nutritionists are not always clear: most of them are inclined to think that such a diet does more harm than good. Although the famous Frenchman Pierre-fiber diet Ducane helped millions of people worldwide to lose weight without any health damage.