5 ways to feel happier

5 ways to feel happier

right now.

No need to wait destiny presents to experience the rush of happiness. There are many simple ways to feel happier than a minute ago. And it's not just common words: the mechanisms that are involved in them, are disclosed and described in studies conducted by psychologists.

Before you 5 simple tricks for those who urgently need to feel happy. Here are this minute.

1. Send a letter of thanks to

Send message (SMS, email, or any other message) to a friend, listing all, what can you say thanks to him: the one in whom love - for the happy moments spent together, and if you are married - for smart kids and for many years happy marriage, my parents - for what they have taught you to believe in yourself, friends - for their support.

Thanks - the feeling that allows to enjoy what we have, if we have something for which you can be grateful to other people, so life is not hopeless.

The study, conducted by researchers at the University of Kent (USA), found that only one letter a week is enough to feel happier and more satisfied with life. The experiment, which was attended by 219 people, showed that letters of thanks also reduce the severity of symptoms of depression.

In the book, "Thank you," the professor of University of California psychologist Robert Emmons even measured the share of happiness, which gives us an expression of gratitude to others - people who often experience this emotion, feel an average of 25% happier than all the others. This result was a professor, analyzing the subjective feelings of the life of the control group of volunteers who every week (for 10 weeks) were notes mentioning the things for which others are grateful.

2. Remember the 3 good things that happened today,

Even if you think that just made yourself, and you have nothing to be thankful for others, you may feel a surge of happiness, saying thank you, or the fate of the occasion. Take a few minutes out to remember three good things that happened to you today.

First, you look for the big event: no, not a distant relative bequeathed to me a million; No, I was not raised in the service ... And then remember that morning, took to the streets in a bad mood - but saw that the sun shines, and smiled. And colleagues who you have not noticed, you suddenly smiled and shook hands for the first time. And yet, back home, you have time to chat to the beginning of a new series favorite series. This method produces a habit to appreciate the small joys, quietly rearranging attitude.

A study conducted by the founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman found that this exercise gives the long-term (up to six months), the positive effect.

3. Spend money on another person

It's nice when your financial problems suddenly decided to other people. However, if you do decide to spend money on someone else, it can bring you more happiness.

In an experiment conducted by a team of American psychologists, volunteers were given small amounts of money - from 5 to 20 dollars, - offering them to use as they wish: to spend on yourself, buy something for other people or to donate to charity. It was found that the feeling at the "disinterested" to spend their money on others were much better than the "selfish", Selected recipients deeds a favorite. Handing the old woman in the subway or paying for breakfasts counterparts in the dining room, you present some "gifts" own mind - start to relate better to the people around, boosts self-confidence and feel a closer connection with the community.

4. Surrender dreams

To paraphrase Hippocrates, one could say that we - that is what we expect. A series of 5 experiments conducted by scientists at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has shown: in thinking about events that may occur in the future, people have nearly as strong emotions as if they were happening now.

These emotions, for example, is much stronger than the sensations that occur in humans when the memories of the events of the past - even a very joyful, or, conversely, very sad. Dreaming of a visit to friends, participate in a holiday or a trip to a country where we have long wanted to visit, we are quietly program ourselves to the positive perception of their lives - and the detail of our dreams, the more their compelling visual images, the better the resulting sense of happiness .

Even sharper than the joy of life of those who make plans with friends - in cash equivalent, even approximately estimated study this possibility: to get the same amount of happiness that you get in the course of regular discussions of future plans with friends, you want to earn in a year additional 130 thousand dollars - about 6 million rubles. The apartment can be bought.

5. Take care of business in which you are good

This method is better than others save us from feeling routine. You have not heard praise from others regarding their professional skills? Not surprisingly, if you do not consider what I do, his life's work. Remember the lesson where you are really talented - maybe you write wonderful poetry, skillfully throw-in three-point basket basketball or know how to talk with the elderly.

Hobbies - not just a nice way to spend time. This is an opportunity to gain confidence and satisfaction from life, as is proved by a study conducted in 2002: occupation of favorite business not only helps to relieve stress and get rid of tiredness, but also is an important factor that influences our perception of how our existence corresponds the ideal criteria we ask for ourselves.

Author: Ilya Nosyrev