"Tesla complex installations" near Moscow

• "Tesla complex installations" near Moscow

This place is unique. Another such, the ratio of availability and produced the impression in Moscow not found.

On the Internet it is known as "Tesla complex installations", but the strange physics known to the school curriculum, they have only indirect relevance

As the laboratory of Nikola Tesla, the design of the future were terribly secret

Only in America, according to legend, a military destroyer was placed in a huge spiral-coil, and here only-only planes

Meet: Outdoor high-voltage test rig Russian Electrotechnical Institute named after VI Lenin High Voltage Research Center.

was established in 1967 for testing equipment ultra-high voltage AC and DC

You are engaged in research of powerful electromagnetic pulse, atmospheric electricity, lightning, lightning protection, HV and EHV insulation.

Some plants remained unfinished, and the other works and periodically used, for example, for testing aircraft molnieporazhaemost.

Here, first in the world in a continuous operation the alternating voltage obtained in 3 megavolt and anomalous spark discharge 150 meters

At the center of this circle beat monstrous lightning. Someone recently successfully joked, say hello to the president of America.

Climb upstairs, I would not recommend to anyone - he saw the bright spark ran at off design.

Security is very friendly, she was used to the frequent trips photographers. You will not even show album with pictures portyasayuschimi test, you will not find on the Internet.

- Wow, and you yourself did not you afraid that your minds are welded by such a magnetic field?

- No, we will not do anything, get out, you see a box on the ring, it's protection!

Address: Moscow region, Istra Str.. Factory, d. 5, VNIC VEI

Coordinates: 55 ° 55'26 "N 36 ° 49'10" E

Night photo of a running installation