10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

Internet technologies are young but have already become an integral part of modern life. We can not imagine a world without the World Wide Web: work, leisure, entertainment, virtual access to all corners of the planet often depends only on the speed of your Internet connection, but do not forget that the anonymity of the network can cause a cruel joke, or even fraud, so it is foolish to believe everything you read on the Internet.

Here are some of the most important Internet "ducks" in recent years.

1. Beating Sharks and helicopter

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

This, as they say on the Internet, "a photo-toad" - one of the first, which appeared in the vast network. In 2001, the year the photo with shark attack on the helicopter was one of the most popular "sensations" - millions of copies went to the electronic mailboxes of users as "snapshots of the Year" (one of the projects of the magazine "National Geographic").

In fact, the image created from two photos, one of which has a combat helicopter US Air Force carries out training maneuvers near the Golden Gate Bridge, and the other - a photo great white shark near the southern coast of Africa. When the photo-myth has been debunked, it immediately began to give an example of psychologists and marketers as proof gullibility of Internet users.

2. Uncle - serial killer

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

The girl, the suspect's own uncle in the brutal murders, keeps a blog in which its activities are covered in detail, publishes references to "Wikipedia", and even lays out the evidence (photos bloodstained clothes of the victims), and greedy for sensations people and even some of the media have taken all at face value. But the deception was soon discovered: no uncle's killer did not exist, she proved to be a fictional character, a reference to "the victims of a serial killer" was fabricated. Hoax started the students at George Mason University in the course of one of the teachers. After a relentless provocation many public and Internet activists offered to ban the institution staff and students to use resources like "Vicky", however, the scientific head of the notorious hoaxer T. Mills Kelly threatened to arrange one more action of this kind, and the voices faded away dissatisfied.

3. Feel for yourself what "Rickrolling"

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

Internet hoax, known as "Rickrolling", is to publish a variety of links to audio and video recordings, which redirect the user to a clip of the English pop singer Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up".

In 2008, the baseball club "New York Mets" on its website urged fans to choose a song that would become the anthem of the club. Many anonymous pranksters used the "Rickrolling", resulting in "Never Gonna Give You Up" for a few games to become the official anthem of the baseball team.

4. Link Pitbull

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

In a joint advertising campaign Facebook offered a network of supermarkets "Wal-Mart Stores" to arrange a competition for the number of "likes" in social networks, as well as a prize to the store, the winner of the vote, was supposed to arrive a popular hip-hop ARTIST Pitbull.

It was assumed that, most likely, it will be "Wal-Mart", located in New York, Los Angeles or any other big city, but in the process interfered David Thorpe and Jon Hendren, the creators of the comic resource somethingawful.com. Jokers a few days "hyped" supermarket, located on a small island of Kodiak, located off the southern coast of Alaska, so that the pit bull went precisely there. By the way, the singer did not upset and even invited David Thorpe and John Hendry to take part in the concert, but they have not responded to the offer.

5. The application for the construction of "Death Star"

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

In the beginning of 2013th year the United States government website appeared curious information: a certain group of enthusiasts offered to collect signatures in support of the construction of the "Death Star" - the space battle station of the fictional universe of "Star Wars." To consider the request of the White House administration was required to collect 25 thousand votes, but in fact the project was supported by more than 35 thousand.

However, having carefully studied the petition and project documentation, administration officials said that the government does not support the explosion of the planets, which are obviously directed the construction and the cost of "Stars" (about $ 850 Quadrillion) is too large. In addition, one of the government experts presented a fair claim to the feasibility of such a project: "Why spend a huge amount of money of our taxpayers," the Death Star ", which can destroy any single starship?".

6. Save Toby!

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

One day, two men who introduced themselves as James and Brian found quite an ingenious way to earn extra money on the love of Internet users to animals in 2005, the prudent and violent wags purchased rabbit Toby, vowing to kill him and eat it if their cash account until 30 June will not $ 50 thousand.

Visitors savetoby.com site could admire the photos and videos in which the rabbit was depicted surrounded by a variety of foods and cooking utensils, and the materials were accompanied by touching signatures like "Do not let me die." James and Brian regularly published methods that can be cooked rabbit, and then even published a book with the recipes, saying that if it is selling 100 thousand copies is not reached, then ... that's right - the rabbit dies. The activists of some organizations have tried to close the site of cruelty to animals, but they did not work: godaddy.com resource (the world's largest domain name registrar) refused to close savetoby.com, officially saying: "Prepare and eat a rabbit - it is absolutely legitimate" .

In the end, it turned out that the entire history of a rabbit - "fake", while James and Bryan argue that they were able to gather on the "Toby saved" about $ 20 thousand.

7. The new brand for "Mountain Dew"

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

Internet voting often leads to results, which the organizers could not conceive - this is what happened when the company "Mountain Dew" has decided to bring to market a soda with apple flavor, and has announced a competition for the best name for a new product.

Most of the proposed options were humorous and sometimes openly mocking, among them - "Gushing Granny" ( "Sensitive Grandma"), "Sierra Mist" ( "Mountain Mist" by analogy with the "Mountain Dew" - "Mountain Dew") and even "Diabettus" (clear without translation). And when the rating of the most popular options has led the name "Hitler did nothing wrong" ( "Hitler did not do anything wrong"), the company has turned the vote.

8. bald head Justin Bieber

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

"Otfotoshoplennoe" image idol of teenage girls appeared on the network in the autumn of 2012. Millions of devoted fans shook the "fact" that Bieber was diagnosed with cancer, which is why he was forced to start radiotherapy - that such information is contained in the signatures to the "images". Many fans even posted a picture with a shaved head in a sign of support for the singer, but it soon turned out that Justin was in perfect health, and his bald head he "painted on" anonymous pranksters. Bieber and his fans have been the victims of online lotteries, for example, unknown to spread the information that the pop idol suffering from drug addiction, followed by the Internet community a host of appeals and complaints to Bieber in January 2013 - the people demanded, that he "tied", but as it turned out, it was also a "duck".

9. Taylor Swift sings for the deaf

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

Hip-hop artist Pitbull - is not the only celebrity who has been the victim of online voting. In 2012, the US staged a competition among schools on which school to get as many "likes" could arrange a concert Taylor Swift - the popular American country music singer and actress.

Of course, during the voting anonymous "Internet philanthropists" have done so, that the first place was taken by Horace Mann School for the Deaf and hard of hearing, but organizers disqualified this institution that caused the righteous anger of the school administration and the public. school director, said that people with hearing impairments may in its own way to enjoy the music, then the Swift gave each of the students with a ticket for the next concert and donated in addition to the needs of the school $ 10 thousand - and the case was settled.

10. A teenage girl from a sectarian family

10 scandalous Internet hoaxes and practical jokes

In 2006, the year on the popular video-hosting youtube.com appeared unremarkable channel called "lonelygirl15", where 16-year-old girl who called herself Bree Avery talked about her life.

Soon, however, Bree started to distribute information that her family is involved in occult rites and rituals, but it itself does not let out of the house - then video blog quickly became popular. Four months after the appearance of the channel "lonelygirl15" for thousands of people were concerned about the fate of women, many suspected hoax, but a hoax was so thought out that it took the whole investigation to prove that all these "fake", and under the guise of 16-year-old "victim sectarians "hidden professional actress.

But even after the exposure of the video blog is not ceased to exist, becoming a large-scale show with a variety of characters, which lasted until 2008, when it was officially announced the closure of the project.