Dream job for gamers

• Dream job for gamers

The guy from Japan earned $ 10,000 for 3 months, playing 12 hours a day. For some it's the best job in the world.

Dream job for gamers

They say the secret of a successful career - doing things you love. However, pay monthly bills, if more than anything else you love to play video games, it is difficult. But not for Mora-chan, earn $ 10 thousand in the last three months of his life, just playing video games, and translating his experience on the Internet.

Dream job for gamers

If you like to spend your spare time playing MMOs like "World Of Warcraft" or "Guild Wars", the life Mora-chan for you shall be like a dream embodied. There are probably thousands of gamers around the world who are doing the same for free, but Mora-chan - one of the lucky few who can make a living killing monsters, pumping characters and quests in the fictional universe.

A longtime fan of the online MMORPG, Mora-chan to check spent three months in the comfort of a studio apartment provided to him by the company, playing and broadcasting streaming video on the Japanese video hosting Niconico. All night he spends in front of the computer, and the day sleeping on a mattress on the floor, cook their own meals in the small kitchen, and wash clothes.

Dream job for gamers

Do not leave the apartment for almost three months and do not breathe in the fresh air for 90 days may seem like a nightmare to most people, but for Mora-chan and many other gamers who share his passion, a dream come true. This activity Mora-chan loves more than anything else, and he liked the fact that it is isolated from the world: to maintain relationships with like-minded he is allowed in comments Niconico and interaction with users in his blog. His personal life does not seem to suffer too: Mora-chan happily married, and his wife supports him in choosing the country lifestyle.

Dream job for gamers

This is a daily schedule Mora-chan:

12:00 - rise, shower, breakfast, laundry.

15:00 - game.

16:00 - update a personal blog.

18:00 - Lunch.

19:00 - game.

21:00 - start streaming games.

06:00 - sleep.

And so every day.